The ultimate omlette destination

Feb 20, 2013, 11:21 IST | Karitki Nitin Lawate

Set up in 1978, Vohuman's Cafe's Cheese Omelettes are very popular in the city

If you are a fan of cheese omlettes then Vohuman’s Cafe is the place to head to. Their omelette is not too spicy and is made from fresh ingredients which include cheese, black pepper and coriander.

Cheese Omelette
Cheese Omelette

Their portions are also generous. One Omelette is quite filling as every bite has cheese in it. While they started way back in 1978, old timers will vouch for the fact that the quality of their offerings has not changed over the years.Their Cheese Omelettes are priced at `40 while their Double Cheese Omelette is priced at `70. Cafe Vohuman was opened in 1978 by Hormazd Irani (popularly known as Hormazd Uncle and the Bawa at Vohuman’s). 

Vohuman's Cafe
Vohuman’s Cafe. Pics/ Krunal Gosavi

This outlet is extremely popular with the locals and is a welcoming eatery with few restrictions on talking loudly or sitting for a long time (signages often found at other eateries). They also have other options including Fried Eggs, Omelettes and Bhurji. At the eatery you will be regaled with stories and jokes by Irani. The omelette is recommended for those who love their cheese as the dish is generous with it and is value-for-money. 

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