The unbearable lightness of Newton

Apr 25, 2013, 05:07 IST | Kanika Sharma

They call themselves "prisoners of gravity". Lend your ear to Isaac Delusion, one of the best Indie groups of France, tonight

Spontaneous and space-y, Isaac Delusion plays at Blue Frog tonight to sedate you into the “sleepwalking” zone with a mix of Pop, Electronic, Funk, Hip-Hop loops and what not. A complete antithesis to the humdrum of the city, their funky music aims to transport you to your own land of lotus-eaters. Much like their music, Jules Pacotte (beats) and Loic Fleury (electric guitar and vocals) had been “floating around” but with no actual ambitions. One day, they decided to post one of their pieces composed for a film in the virtual world, which went down the rabbit hole of virals.

One of the band members of Isaac Delusion tries to defy gravity. PIC Courtesy/Laure Chichmanov

Earning many gigs later and two more band members — Nicolas Bourrigan (bass) and Bastien Dodard (percussion, synthesizer and electric guitar), the band has played in New York for the CMJ music marathon, Berlin, Barcelona, Warsaw and the Pitchfork festival. Currently on their six-city India tour, Mysore was the first to groove to their gig.

Goofy band members of Isaac Delusion. Pic Courtesy/ Antoine Robin

“We love Pink Floyd,” tells Fleury amidst giggles. When asked about India, he pops up with, “India is a great country although we have hardly seen it till now. Lots of artistes have played here such as Norah Jones. Yeah, I like Norah Jones.” So in the loopy conversation, we asked about their boggling moniker. He tells us that gravity doesn’t exist so it’s a delusion of Isaac Newton.

Isaac Delusion in concert. PIC Courtesy/Laure Chichmanov

He adds, “If you listen to our music, it will feel like space.” For more reasons to get zoned out this evening, Luce tells us, “I am beautiful. You should come and watch me.” 

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