The Vengaboys to finally perform in India

Apr 30, 2015, 08:45 IST | Dhara Vora

On the playlist of every party in the ’90s, Dutch Eurodance group Vengaboys, known for their hits including We Like to Party and Brazil, will be performing in the city next month

Q. How much, do you think, has the definition of Dance music changed since the time Vengaboys was formed?
A. A lot. Beats got more complex with different grooves. And we like that. We try to evolve as well, while staying true to ourselves.


Q. While your songs had made everybody from a generation want to go to Brazil, which is your favourite party destination?
A. Although we sing about this place in the Mediterranean sea, all the time, we do really love this little island. Ibiza is truly the best place to party.

Q. Do you plan to release any new tracks soon?
A. That’s a surprise!

Q. With bands forming and breaking up every other day, how have Vengaboys stayed together all these years?
A. We have adopted each other as brothers and sisters. And although we have completely different lives off stage, we have found the perfect balance.

Q. From the current set of artistes and songs, who is your favourite?
A. To pick just one favourite is difficult. But Beyoncé is for sure one of them — a superstar.

Q. What can fans expect from your concert here?
A. Expect a singalong party, reminiscing about the good “old” times as all our hits pass by.

Q. Apart from your concert, what do you wish to do on your trip to India?
A. We have a pretty tight schedule but we hope to have some time to enjoy the beauty of India

On: May 8, 7.30 pm onwards
At: Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla.
Log on to:
Cost: Rs 750

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