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Sep 16, 2013, 04:25 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

With the craze of social networking sites on the rise, kartiki nitin lawate offers a handy checklist of groups that are used by Puneites, for purposes ranging from sharing thoughts to finding jobs

Twitter is a social platform where people can voice their opinions and share interesting information based on their interests. Parthajeet Sarma, who is part of the Twitter group @PuneCityLife, said “Twitter is the best place to express yourself, and the tweets are constantly updating us about what is happening in the city and whether it is good or bad. I check Twitter first thing in the morning and it also helps me professionally. There is no age limit and anybody can follow a group.”

Here are some groups started by Puneites:
@PuneCityLife: It is a group where people discuss the happenings in Pune, ranging from traffic jams to serious issues.
@punewt (Pune Women’s Tweetup): This group allows the city’s women to tweet about their problems as well as their views on women-related social issues and solutions to the same.
@punejobs: Jobs from every field, that are Pune-based, are posted here. People who are searching for jobs also post what kind of job they are looking for.
@punekar: This is used as a news site wherein government-related news as well as civic news is discussed and tweeted by Puneites.
@PuneTheatre: Reviews and new plays that are coming up in the city are discussed here. People’s likes and dislikes are also tweeted.

Other Twitter groups

Facebook can act as a social utility tool that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. Purshotam Karandak Reviews is one such site. They review and discuss plays that feature in the Purshotam Karandak competition. Mayour Deshmukh, a member of the group, said they started the group to shortlist the plays staged as part of the competition. The members also disscuss what should be the rules and regulations and a lot of members have become part of the theatre group.

Here are some of the local groups:
My Theatre Cafe: It is an open group started by Puneites in which they talk about new plays and art-related activities.
Noval Moss: The group was formed by advertising professionals wherein they discuss and share ideas as well as keep each other updated about the new ventures in the field.
Back Run by a group of bloggers, it discusses topics to write on and the latest news.
Ecological Society: The Ecological Society has been at the forefront of ecological and environmental research and education. It has carried out a number of research projects with practical applications for municipal corporations, Government of Maharashtra and the Central Government.

Some Links 
My Theatre Cafe
Purshotam Karandak Review
Sneha foundation -

Linked In 
This is another social networking site that is used for professional purposes, to find jobs as well as to search for people who are looking for jobs.
“For recruiters globally as well as in India, professional networks are increasingly becoming a growing source of quality talent. It is important that professionals maintain a comprehensive professional profile record to be on the radar of prospective employers. They help members build an online professional record by showcasing their experience, developing credibility with recommendations from clients and colleagues, gaining insights through LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn Today and channels and connecting with peers from the industry,” said Deepa Sapatnekar, Head of Communications, LinkedIn India, Korea and Hong Kong.
Here are some groups started by Puneites and in which locals are very active:
Pune IT jobs: This group was formed by professionals who were looking for permanent jobs in the IT sector, freelancing jobs as well as consulting opportunities in this sector in Pune.
University of Pune alumni: The group consists of professionals who have passed out of University of Pune and offer a platform to disscuss changes needed in the syllabus and help alumni get jobs.
My jobs in All jobs in and around Pune are posted here and is the number one group liked by Puneites to find jobs.
SIMS Pune: It is a group formed by the students from the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies in which they keep in touch with each other for jobs as well as events.
Pune Startups: The Pune Startups group on LinkedIn is a network of entrepreneurs and start-ups located in and around Pune.

Other groups
Pune HR
CFD Engineers Pune
Pune HR group 

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