The young and the zestful

Jun 11, 2013, 01:20 IST | The Guide Team

National Centre for the Performing Arts' monthly celebration of youth theatre, Zest, will be presenting four new plays that are the winners of Helen O'Grady International theatre competition

Zest, National Centre for the Performing Arts’ monthly celebration of youth theatre will present four plays by city colleges, which have won the theatre competition by Helen O’Grady International.

Waqt Nahi Hai is a dance drama about pursuing the simple pleasures of life

Discussing the lack of interest in important issues that plague the fast-paced life of today’s society will be the English play Adjustment by Pragati college, Dombivli. The play speaks of how we try an adjust in all spheres of our life today -- be it education or ideals.

Another play that will discuss the importance of stopping and smelling the roses is Waqt Nahi Hai, a Hindi play by Vivekanand Education Societies Degree College, Chembur. A dance drama, this play reflects the hectic life of city residents where all the time is spent pursuing material goals with no time to cherish them.

The third play, Trauma, by St Xavier’s College narrates the story of Greek war hero Achilles and his quest to save the woman he loves by descending into hell and battling the demons within and around him. 

Though all won’t be sad and gory this evening as Mumbai University’s The Balcony Scene Spoof from Romeo and Juliet will make you chuckle as a confused Juliet tries to find out who is the real Romeo as two of them turn up during the iconic balcony scene.

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