The zest of food at Lokhandwala's Gusto Kitchen & Bar

Apr 14, 2013, 08:47 IST | Phorum Dalal

Lokhandwala's new multi-cuisine eatery, Gusto Kitchen & Bar, is a quaint place for long dinners and happy conversations

At the end of Lokhandwala market, stands a new restaurant, Gusto Kitchen & Bar. We followed their Facebook countdown, which started last month, and when a post read ‘one day to go’, we made reservations. 

Gusto Kitchen & Bar at Lokhandwala has grey unfinished walls and pretty chandeliers. Pic/Kiran Bhalerao 

A week into its launch, we walk into the restaurant to find a quaint alfredo seating, and a classier version indoors. Grey unfinished walls, vintage chandeliers (from Chor Bazaar, we couldn’t resist asking) and white-washed wooden tables and chairs. The peppy music is inviting and we make ourselves comfortable at a corner table, which has a candle burning inside a green holder. Very rustic, very cozy.

Owners Sujay Joshi, along with his Neha — who has worked on the interiors — and brother Sagar are happy people as hosts. Walking up to patrons, making them comfortable and sharing a few laughs.

We order Roasted Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup and Three Mushroom Soup. While the tangy and spicy red soup leaves us wanting more, we wish the mushroom soup was little less creamy.

We jump courses and order Mo Messi from the Mexican options, a wrap stuffed with salsa sauce, sour cream, tortilla and veggies. The three sauces — salsa, Mexican and sour cream — left us licking our fingers and taking greedy bites. A must order.

Next up is Beetroot Ravioli, something that will make us revisit the place with more gusto. Stuffed with a sweet stuffing of beetroot, the soft ravioli melts in the mouth. The pink sauce is deliciously creamy, topped with crunchy pine nuts.

The only let down is the Burritos, which is missing a bed of rice mentioned in the menu and in dire need for some salsa.

Feeling like we deserve a treat, we stop counting the calories and order Tortellini in Cream Cheese Sauce. Stuffed with pumpkin, the sweet flavour in a rich sauce is recommended for those looking to indulge.

And our indulgence goes on with a Verdure Pizza, topped with mushroom, bell peppers, asparagus and onions. Bang on. Crispy edges, perfectly even toppings, we wish we had just a little space to finish it all. Alas, our tummies didn’t follow suit.

A sous chef once told me, all you need to run a restaurant is good food, the passion to see content faces and the zest to turn grumpy customers into regular visitors. And that’s what Gusto means, right?

Gusto kitchen & bar
At: Lokhandwala (W)
Call: 26325959
Cuisine: Italian, Mexican, Thai
Verdict: Classy 

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