There's oil on this jute

Jun 03, 2012, 10:46 IST | Saaniya Zaveri

Artist Uma Chhatrapati displays her latest collection, named Krida, at the Jehangir Art Gallery later this week

Krida, literally meaning ‘play’ is Uma Chhatrapati’s 23rd solo art show in Mumbai. She is showcasing 25 paintings of the figurative style. A number of them are duets that represent the consommé between male and female energies. An example of this is the Leela, a 48’x72’ painting of Radha and Krishna done in vibrant hues of blue and red.

The doctor, painter and dancer interweaves her various skills into her paintings. Being a very spiritual person, her spirituality is also reflected in her work. “I don’t even try,” she admits. “Spirituality pervades everything I do.” The paintings exhibit a partiality to reds, yellows and oranges. “This is because they are energising and positive colours,” she admits.

Works by Uma Chhatrapati

Chhatrapati started work on this line about 12 to 18 months ago and has worked non-stop since then. Her general method of painting is freestyle. “I often dance while I paint and just let it come to me. I never plan beforehand. All my paintings are natural, soulful and uninhibited, just as I wish to be.”'

While she admits that every one of her paintings has grown close to her heart along the way, her personal favourite is the single piece titled Drama. “It is the painting that describes my personality the best,” she laughs. “I don’t believe in sitting down and letting the negativity of the world take over me.”
She works with oil paints on jute. “It’s natural and doesn’t have a synthetic feel to it,” she reveals. Krida — a play of colours will be on display and sale at the Jehangir Art Gallery for a week during this month.

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