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Mar 14, 2013, 00:52 IST | Dhara Vora

For those with big appetites, super chef Anjan Chatterjee's specialty restaurant Sigree Global Grill in Powai, is the place to head to, for its unlimited buffet and star dishes that will tempt one for second servings

Sigree Global Grill springs up on Powai’s culinary map as the latest entrant, along with a big legacy to live up to. Chef Anjan Chatterjee, known for his hugely successful restaurants across the city, chose Powai, a sure-shot foodie destination, to flag off this latest venture.

The grill on your table makes for an interesting dining out option. PICS/Dhara Vora

We visited the space one Sunday evening, and were glad we had made reservations in advance. We took our time with the vast, glossy tablet menu — two soups, six salads, a bread platter, ten options for both vegetarian and non vegetarian on-table grill starters, six options for the main course on buffet, six pasta combinations, six risottos combinations and ten dessert options (Rs 775). A bigger spread than several competitors in the buffet category. Light eaters could opt for their Weekday Lunch (Rs 550) or Weekday Dinner (Rs 675) options.

To train our palates and tummies for the feast, proceedings began with the delicious and chilled Kokum juice. Rather inexplicably, we were served the soup (Lentil Tomato Shorba) after the starters. The soup was thick enough to be a shorba, but for those who prefer clear soups, this version nearly masqueraded as a thick sambhar-and-dal combo.

The wide dessert menu had both Indian and international options such as Assorted Mouse, Blueberry Cheesecake bits and Rabri and Rasmalai

From the bread platters, different dips such as cheese sauce for the cheese straws, salsa and the coriander mint were hits; the breads though left a lot to be desired. But once assembly line of starters began, we forgot the no-shows; the non-vegetarian section scored over the vegetarian options as every portion of meat, whether fish, chicken or prawn, was well done. The Chicken Burnt Garlic Dumpling and the Chicken and Leek Dumpling, were better than what we have tasted at a few SoBo eateries known for their Asian cuisine.

The vegetable dumplings were bland, with a hint of basil flavour. The highlight was the Citrus Grilled Prawns that kept both the flavour of the prawns and the lemon alive, successfully. The vegetarian grills such as Charmoula Potato (a green gravy-based potato grill) and the Barbequed Pinapple and Broccoli lifted our spirits after the dumpling disaster. The Fish Fingers were greasy, however, and the pizza slice, tasteless, with the thyme lost in the moist base and cheese dollop.

The ceiling gets a polka dot effect with the round lights running through the entire restaurant

From the numerous options for mains, the Seafood Pie deserved a second helping with its bits of creamy fish and prawns and so did the Turkish Stew. The Gravy Vegetables were too salty for our liking, but the Thai Curry Rice with Herb Butter Rice won our vote. The live pasta counter served freshly made pasta, which we preferred, unlike some eateries where the rubbery pasta, as part of the buffet, is a dud.

Finally, from their massive dessert counter, the assorted mousse in coffee and strawberry flavours was wiped clean from their mini cups; the Mini Mudpies and Two Chocolate Brownies left us on a sweet high. Except for minor hiccups in the vegetarian section, Sigree Global Grill seems to have won hearts and votes, going by the crowds queuing up, as we were ready to leave.

Eating out
Sigree global grill
Food: stick to non-veg
Service: attentive
Ambiance: comfortable 

At First floor, Ventura Shopping, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai.
Call 30090950
Sigree Global Grill didn’t know we were there.
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