'There's no truth to Raj's words'

Aug 23, 2012, 06:55 IST | A Correspondent

Transcript of MiD DAY's conversation with Gupta

Reporter: I want to talk about your party funds. I have been told earlier about SP being in deficit.
Treasurer Ganesh Kumar Gupta: For the last 20 years my party has been in deficit. I will have to ascertain whether we have received any funds in the last two months. The finances that the party gets are generated through the membership fees.

Reporter: But, today the party has issued a cheque of Rs 2 crore and it has your signature.
Gupta: [In a shocked tone] 2 crore!

Reporter: What?
Gupta: 2 crore?

Reporter: Yes. Abu Azmi issued a cheque of Rs 2 crore, which has your signature too.
He issued a cheque in the name of Raj Thackeray.
Gupta: [Unintelligible]

Reporter: Azmi in a press conference issued a cheque in the name of Raj Thackeray, as Raj at his rally had said that Azmi won from two constituencies because of the votes of migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Azmi announced this as a reward for Raj Thackeray if he manages to locate these immigrants in his constituencies.

(Meanwhile, the treasurer has called up Abu Azmi on another line)
Gupta: [Speaking to MiD DAY] He (Azmi) might have given it because we know this (allegation by Raj) isn’t correct. I am not aware about it.

Reporter: But the cheque has been issued?
Gupta: He might have given the cheque and my signature may have been taken. But we know that what he (Raj) said isn’t correct. Toh do crore kyaa, bees crore ka cheque bhi de sakte hain.

(Now, Gupta puts us on hold while speaking with Azmi)
Gupta: [Resuming the conversation] Yes, a cheque has been issued. There are no migrants and we are sure of it. The cheque will definitely go through if it comes to that. Also, the reward can be hiked to Rs 4 crore.

Reporter: You are prepared to pay Rs 4 crore?
Gupta: Yes, we are sure that he (Raj) won’t be able to find any migrants, as there’s no truth to his words. The amount can be raised to Rs 4 crore.  

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