"There is zero ego"

Jun 18, 2013, 01:00 IST | Ruchika Kher

One of the country's most popular bands, Parikrama, completed 22 years recently. The Guide spoke to keyboardist Subir Malik, for a peek into the lives and times of the band

While on one hand, the news of Susmit Sen bidding adieu to Fusion-Rock band Indian Ocean created a flutter and left many fans disappointed, acclaimed Rock ‘n’ Roll band Parikrama’s 22nd anniversary managed to lift the mood. Yes, the band that was catapulted to success almost immediately after their debut in 1991 completed a landmark 22 years, and is planning to celebrate this with a musical tour across the country.

Members of Parikrama: (From left) Saurabh Choudhary (guitar), Srijan Mahajan (drums), Nitin Malik (lead vocals), Gaurav Balani (bass guitar), Sonam Sherpa (lead guitar) and Subir Malik (keyboardist)

“The other day, someone remarked that 22 years is long, and I said, ‘no, it is not; come back and interview us when we are 50’. Over the years, we’ve learnt to stay like a family; we have our tiffs, but there is zero ego. Also we follow rules that we made in 1991 -- like no one touches even a drop of liquor before a gig (and if you don’t get drunk after the show -- you will be murdered!),” admits Subir Malik, the founding member and keyboardist of the band.

Parikrama started as a four-month project, but everything fell into place so perfectly that its members never looked back. Malik was on his way to join his family business of jeep spare parts; it’s when he came across a band from his college who played the music he wanted to play. “I asked if I could join them for a few months, but they had a bass player, so I picked up keyboards (I was a bass player -- at heart, still am). Slowly, members began to add up, a few left and finally, we found our sixth member -- Sonam on June 17, 1991, and the band was complete,” reveals Malik.

To celebrate their musical journey, the band is in the process of releasing a limited edition T-shirt. They will also perform their debut original, Xerox, after 20 years and Don’t Cut Me Down, a song that they last performed 13 years ago. The band that has always given out its music for free and never released an album, has also decided to finally relent and release one, soon.

“Fans demand it and we have always lived for our fans. We hardly record our tracks; we play them live. We have also been regularly releasing our music (mostly live versions) online. We have always given out our music for free, not now that the whole world is doing it, but since 1995. We always said, ‘we believe in piracy…of our own music’,” jokes Malik.

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