These new health fads have caught Mumbai's fancy

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If you were a 90's kid the coolest thing you did was to pop open a can of an aerated drink, and down some junk food, today the definition of cool seems to be taking a different turn

Health Fads

If you were a 90's kid the coolest thing you did was to pop open a can of an aerated drink, and down some junk food, today the definition of cool seems to be taking a different turn. As awareness increases about healthy food, ill effects of junk food and the new wave of keeping fit, Mumbai has a lot of options to choose from to eat and drink healthy.

Kefir, Kombucha, Paleo, Keto are the new buzzwords in the fitness circuits. We decode some of the new trends, their benefits and where you can get them in Mumbai. The common factor amongst all these new trends is that they are not mass produced, made in small batches presumably with the best ingredients and now available at your doorstep or a café close by. Some of the preferred drinks like Kefir and Kombucha are concepts imported from other countries. They are both probiotic drinks meaning they help you get some good bacteria into your system that will aid digestion and general well being of the gut.

Health Fads

There are two versions of Kefir, water and Milk. What you get in Mumbai is the Milk based Kefir. Moina Oberoi the founder of Mo's Super foods explains that "Kefir is an Eastern European yogurt drink that has 90% more good bacteria compared to all other probiotic foods. This good bacteria replenishes the gut with amazing microbes that boost our immune system, strengthens overall gut health and even subdues allergies and eczema while increasing our energy levels with a natural and long term approach "

It tastes very similar to curd, but unlike most packaged curd that is never tart, this has a fizzy tart taste, which is characteristic to Kefir. The fizziness of the drink is surprising to the palate, and each bottle could taste a bit different because the culture affects the taste. The versatility of Kefir allows you to add it to breakfast, a mid-morning snack or as a base for smoothies too.

Apart from a plain flavour Kefir is also available in the following flavors, Honey Vanilla, Blueberry, Mango and Himalyan Pink Salt. You can treat yourself to some Available by subscribing from the site, Foodhall, Wellness pharmacies or through the apps like Scootsy and Uber Eats. Kombucha is fermented black or green Tea. Loaded again with bacteria that is great for your gut. It is effervescent, and sour, the sugar is generally an addition to balance the flavour. Kombucha is filled with antioxidants, Vitamins and probiotics and is the current craze with fitness enthusiasts. Currently found at a few cafes like the Village Shop, Foodhall, and Ithink Fitness Café in Bandra and organic farmer markets.

Health Fads

When asked Rakhee Jain Arora, founder of Zen Kombucha how Mumbaikars are taking to Kombucha she said "It's a mixed bag of reactions actually. Some people just love it in the first go and some take time to get accustomed to the taste. Kombucha has a peculiar taste and not everyone loves the tartness in the first go, but it definitely grows on you." Most of her customers have tried it before but she also feels that a growing group of customers who are consciously trying to make healthier choices and Kombucha ready to drink, slightly sweet, slightly bubbly works for them.

It is possible to eat cookies even if you are a fitness enthusiast, except these are called Prookies. You can order them from Eat-A-Whey. You can find them on instagram or order from Scootsy. Imagine a cake that is grain free, gluten free, butter free, oil free – are you wondering if that is even cake? Well, I have tasted it, and it is cake. A favourite with celebrities and diet conscious eaters, it is now easier than ever to indulge on a healthy note. In fact the Healthy Treats Dark Chocolate and Orange flourless cake is a Celebrity favourite.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle choice and has to be done consistently, for long term benefits. All the options we spoke of, help people make healthier choices without actually depriving them of the joys of sharing a drink or eating dessert. Prior to these options being available meant that one would have to make all of this by themselves at home, which is if anything a huge deterrent. Easy access, and a promise of natural unadulterated products make these a great hit with Hipsters and health freaks alike.

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