'They asked me to go on leave'

Aug 23, 2012, 07:01 IST | Naveen Nair

Pramod Tawde, who handed Raj Thackeray a rose at the rally on Tuesday, says cops recorded his statement and then asked him to take a few days off

Every rose has its thorn. Police naik Pramod Tawde learnt this the hard way yesterday. The cop — who climbed the podium and gifted Raj Thackeray a yellow rose on Tuesday in front of an applauding crowd, after the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief spoke about how policemen, especially the constabulary, had faced the brunt of the mob on August 11 at Azad Maidan — was yesterday asked to go on leave by his department.

Pramod Tawde
Pramod Tawde. Pic/Bipin Kokate

MiD DAY visited Tawde’s residence at Kannamwar Nagar, Vikhroli (East) to find out what his family thought of his actions and what repercussions arose out of them. Tawde had left for his wireless duty at Byculla and only his wife and son were at home.

Tawde’s phone was switched off for the entire day yesterday and the family could not contact him. We reached his residence in the evening, but Tawde had not returned. Around 8.30 pm we managed to contact the cop on his phone, who confirmed he was on duty at Byculla wireless department.

“I went to my office for duty as usual in the morning and worked for around 2 hours. Later, I was called to record my statement regarding my actions at the rally. Statements of several other officers were also recorded,” he said.

When we asked whether any action has been initiated against him, Tawde said, “No action has been taken so far. They took my statement and then instructed me to go on leave for a few days. They said that my behaviour was a result of tension and so I should take rest and visit my native place. I have decided to do the same, once my leave is officially sanctioned.” Tawde said he does not want to disturb his daughter’s preparations for her SSC examinations and so would visit his native place.

I support him: wife
“My husband spoke whatever he felt was right and we as a family support his views. He met Raj Thackeray on stage only to thank his efforts, for conducting a rally in support of Mumbai police personnel who were manhandled by rioters. He arrived very late on Tuesday night and left for his regular duty early in the morning,” said his wife Priyanka.

Cops keep mum
Kishore Yadav, DCP (zone III), said, “I have no knowledge about this person or his actions at the rally. How can you expect me to comment on whether any formal action was taken against him or if he joined back on duty?”

Nisar Tamboli, Mumbai police spokesperson said, “There are no documents at my desk that confirm any action against Pramod Tawde. So, I cannot comment on questions related to him.” 

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