They were meant for me: Esha Gupta

Apr 24, 2012, 10:31 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Newcomer Esha Gupta on landing two more Bollywood projects even before her debut film releases

Esha Gupta believes that in every person’s life there is a force that seems to operate in shaping circumstances and opportunities. Simply defined, it is called luck. Something that the newcomer feels she is blessed with. A Delhi girl, Esha moved to Mumbai as the city had more to offer in her line of work.

It paid off as she soon landed the role of the female lead in an Emraan Hashmi-starrer as well as two more projects. Presently, she is busy promoting her first film while shooting for another Mahesh Bhatt flick as well as for Prakash Jha’s film as we ask her…

Not many newcomers have more projects announced with them even before their debut flick releases?
Yes, I am aware of it but as they say certain things are preordained. I am truly blessed. They were meant for me. Normally a film’s box office collection determines a newcomer’s next move but here I am busy shooting two other films simultaneously.

So dreams do come true?
Actually during my student days, I did not even think that I would be an actress. I have done my graduation in mass media and thought I would pursue writing. I even wanted to do a post graduation course. In my younger days, I thought I would be a lawyer. I come from a non-film family and Bollywood was something not even remotely on the horizon.

What changed the scheme of things?
After I took part in a beauty pageant in 2007, I moved to Mumbai, I began modelling for magazine covers and enrolled in Anupam Kher’s acting academy and did the rounds of auditions, which fetched me a Bhatt film.

You replaced Jacqueline Fernandes, who had reservations about too much exposure on screen, in the film?
Yes, I was not the original choice. But at the end it is who does the role. As I said it was meant for me.

You have no inhibitions in front of the camera?
Let me say that I am confident of myself. The Bhatts felt I had typical Indian features but there was that ‘sexy Indianness’. As I was born and brought up in New Delhi, I have an upper hand in Hindi. In Prakash Jha’s film I play a cop.

How is your family reacting?
My folks are still based in Delhi. My father is an ex-air force guy and thinks that after my birth this is the biggest moment of his life. It is an emotional moment for them. 

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