Thief flew down from Delhi to steal from AC trains

Feb 28, 2014, 07:03 IST | Vinay Dalvi

The man would steal bags belonging to passengers in air-conditioned train coaches early in the morning; cops nabbed him after setting a trap

A thief with a penchant for leading a luxurious lifestyle will now have to spend his time in jail with none of these comforts.

Raghu Khosla stole from several places like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana
Raghu Khosla stole from several places like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana

The Kalyan Government Railway Police (GRP) arrested a man last week for stealing bags from long-distance trains. The Bhopal police, too, had declared a reward of Rs 15,000 for catching the man.

The accused, Raghu Suman Khosla (27), has several cases against him in Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Agra and Pathankot.

Cops said he took flights to the city to steal - he only targeted passengers of air-conditioned coaches of long-distance trains (see box for modus operandi). Kalyan station was his place of operation. Police said Khosla had a thing for branded products - he wore fancy jeans and shirts, designer shoes and caps.

Stealing from women
“Khosla never travelled in trains, since he earned a lot of money from his thefts. He would get down from the airport and take a Cool Cab to Kalyan railway station. Nobody suspected him to be a thief, since he was so well-dressed,” said D D Wadmare, senior police inspector, Railway Crime Branch.

He added that Khosla targetted women; he knew they kept a lot of valuables in their bags, which they kept under their pillows while sleeping. However, he never stole mobile phones. If he found a phone in a purse, he would drop it at the next station, to avoid being traced. Police would end up arresting the person who picked up the phone, not him.

Officials laid a trap for him after several passengers at Dadar complained that their bags were stolen. He was finally caught at Kalyan last week. Prabhat Kumar, the GRP commissioner, has declared a reward for the constables who nabbed Khosla.

How he stole
>> Khosla would roam around Kalyan station between 2-5 am, when most of the long-distance trains arrived
>> When the passengers alighted, he would get in and steal their bags
>> He would then take the same train up to Thane or Dadar and get down there.
>> Since all the others would be asleep then, and he was well-dressed, nobody suspected him to be a thief.

High-flying thieves
Here are some other thieves arrested by cops who liked to live life king-size:

>> In 2011, the V P Road police arrested 53-year-old Madhukar Prabhakar, a Pune resident for a break-in at Girgaum. Prabhakar owns three bungalows, nine flats and a restaurant in Pune. He has also built a Ganesh temple

>> Last year, on a tip-off, the Nagpada police nabbed Naushad Sardar Qureshi, who had at least 35 chain-snatching cases registered against him in Mumbai alone. Qureshi owns a new Toyota Innova and two flats in Delhi. 

>> In the same year, Nilesh Dattatray Chougle (33) was arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch. While he was a well-known businessman and the chairman of a huge housing society in Pune, he was a habitual robber of houses with around 110 criminal cases against him in Mumbai.

>> Wore only branded clothes and watches
>> Never stole mobile phones
>> Operated at Kalyan station

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