12 things one should avoid doing when it comes to sex (Part 3)

May 11, 2012, 10:51 IST | Agencies

While much has been written about how to boost action in the bedroom, there are things one should never do when it comes to sex. And, according to a new book, the don'ts of sex are:


9. Never totally trust magazine sex tips

Don't mindlessly copy magazine sex tips. Think about the suggestion first. Is it hot or completely ridiculous? Will it work for your sexual relationship? Or does it have the potential to sabotage your sex life?


10. Never douche before sex
Despite popular belief, douching is not a safe or healthy way to clean the vagina. Doing so upsets the vagina's delicate chemical balance, increasing your chance of developing pelvic inflammatory disease or other health problems. Let the vagina naturally cleanse itself and worry about other much sexier activities pre-sex.

11. Never attempt tricky Kama Sutra positions if you are not flexible
Stick with pursuing sexual positions that are comfortable for you.

12. Never listen to somebody slamming your sexy self.
Is a guy suggesting that you get breast implants? Is some gal making fun of your penis size? In either case, ignore the criticism, or in the very least, fire back.

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