12 things one should avoid doing when it comes to sex (Part 1)

May 12, 2012, 11:10 IST | Agencies

While much has been written about how to boost action in the bedroom, there are things one should never do when it comes to sex. And, according to a new book, the don'ts of sex are:


1. Never have a "type" of orgasm -- have your orgasm
Instead of trying to have a breast, clitoral, G-spot or blended orgasm, forget the labels and have yours. Don't worry about having a specific type, but focus on pampering your whole body, attending to any of its hot spots. This beckons your orgasm by not being so goal-oriented.


2. Never talk about past sexual relationships
Don't invite distress into your current romance by reminiscing about the good times or bad times you've had with other jerks, hotties, players or loves. Focus on the present and making it the most memorable.

3. Never let sex get routine
While it's wise to get in a routine to make sure sex happens, don't let the sex itself get routine. This only invites monotony and the mundane. To keep things hot, be sure to keep things new and fresh.

4. Never just lie there
A big complaint you'll hear from men and women alike is that their lover didn't do much of anything during sex. Men have grumbled that she doesn't move during lovemaking. Most people like an active lover - one responsive to the action, which shows that they're into the moment.

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