Things people say when they are cheating in love

Mar 05, 2013, 13:53 IST | ANI

When it comes to infidelity, the cheaters come with all the excuses in the book

Huffington Post introduced to some new ones when the hashtag #ExcusesCheatersUse began trending on Twitter.

One example was “it was my friend sending those x-rated texts from my phone, not me!”

Another wrote “I didn't know what I was doing, she means nothing to me.”

Some said that If you got to delete text messages so your partner won't read them, you’re already there.

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Some say that they were drunk and didn’t know what he/she was doing, or they just play the blame game citing obsession.

Others try to persuade their partner that they didn’t do it, insisting that they believe them.

Some blame it on their phones saying it was dead and couldn't find the charger.

“She kissed me, I didn't kiss her” was one of the other entries.

They even go to the extend of saying they were on a break.

One wrote, “This isn’t what it looks like, she came onto me!”

Few blame their partners for not being there when they were needed.

Some just try to act casual saying it didn’t matter and it was a mistake.

Using pet names like “babe” was also one of them so that one doesn’t mix up their names.

Other’s blatantly lie saying “I was drunk and I thought it was you.”

Some will accept it but will wish the partner hadn’t found out cause apparently, he/she was just about to end it.

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