Things people would choose over sex

Jun 03, 2014, 08:48 IST | The Guide team

Having trouble in the bedroom? Does your partner often give obscure reasons to evade getting intimate with you? Don’t take it personally; it happens all the time, and across the globe. To help turn things around in your favour, the guide has chalked out possible factors that might be keeping men/women away from their partners

Sleeping matters: It's true, and most commonly noticed among the fairer sex. According to a research by Better Sleep Council in the US, 80% women would rather sleep than have sex with their partners.


Now, she is either too tired or sleep-deprived or she finds the mattress more comforting than your touch. Now, if the first is true, it’s time you helped around in household work. But if it’s the latter, you may just have to replace that comfy mattress. No kidding.

Eating is better? Ever thought why people make orgasmic noises while eating? Well, as unfortunate as it is, lots of people regard food more orgasmic than real sex. In a study conducted by Today and, one out of every three singles said they would drop sex for a bite of chocolate or steak.

A similar study by Maple Leaf Foods found 43% Canadians would choose bacon over sex. But it doesn’t end here, as another new study reveals that 75% French women would rather eat than have sex. What’s worse? A study by Cadbury states that 70% Irish women preferred hot chocolate to sex. Now you know why the ‘no food in the bedroom’ policy is so important.

Smartphone succour: The new iPhone/Android phone that you bought for your partner, as a birthday gift is what is keeping him/her away from you. Yes, most of us are not only addicted to our smartphones, we are also sleeping with it. In a recent study, conducted by Harris Interactive in the US, when couples were asked to name one thing that they can’t live without, the answer was their smartphone.

The Plasma TV curse: The plasma TV tends to keep most men out of the bedroom, at least in the UK. According to a survey conducted in UK, around 47% men agreed to give up sex to own a plasma TV, 50-inch, to be exact. They also agreed to give up watching football, eating chocolate and smoking.

The bookworm strikes: Blame it on Fifty Shades of Grey, or the other black and blue books in your house, but women from the American Internet TV service, Now TV, find books more enjoyable than sex. How does one beat that?

I, me, masturbate: Keeping all the above reasons in mind, we can fairly comprehend why most men find it difficult to kick-off this self-pleasing act. But hey, they are not alone; according to an infographic by sex toy manufacturer, JimmyJane, 41% women in the US prefer self-pleasure over actual sex. Back home, the Indian Today Sex Survey 2012 found out that 43% Indians have tried masturbation. Now, need we say more?

47% men agreed to give up sex to own a plasma TV, 50-inch, to be exact.

43% Indians have tried masturbation in their life.

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