This 13-year-old comic artist condemns terror

Jan 08, 2015, 08:25 IST | Suprita Mitter

Disturbed by the horrific attack on Peshawar’s school children in late December last year, 13-year-old comic artist, Saloni Daini made a video for her YouTube channel to condemn terrorism, and is already creating a storm on the Internet

Last year, on December 16, the world watched with horror and disbelief, when TV news channels reported the attack on a school in Peshawar by Pakistani Taliban gunmen, resulting in the death of 132 innocent children and nine staff members. The attack jolted many across borders who voiced their concern and anguish on social media.

Saloni Daini
Saloni Daini in stills from her video

Amongst all these voices, was that of 13-year-old comic artist, Saloni Daini who has created a video for her Youtube channel, Some Madness with Saloni. In the video, Daini urged viewers celebrating the new year to reflect upon the Peshawar attack that saw the lives of so many stolen. “I was very shocked when I saw the incident in the news,” says Daini, who studies in class 7 of Mumbai’s Ryan International school.

Saloni Daini

The video is very vocal about taking a strong stance against terrorism where Saloni makes an emotional appeal to viewers not to let terror prevail. Confronting the terrorists she hopes, “2015 will be our year and not theirs”.

She speaks of hope for children in Gaza, Syria, Peshawar and India. In an inspiring message, Saloni said ‘It has to get better from here, because the darkest night has passed!’ The screen isn’t alien to Saloni. When she was six years old, the young talent had participated in a reality TV show called Chote Miya. Today, she is rapidly earning viewers for her light-hearted observations of Indian parents and teachers. “I have never done any serious work before this, so this was different,” she reveals. The video was uploaded on December 31, 2014 and has had 15,000 views yet and counting.

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