This Bandra eatery is themed around Salman Khan!

Apr 12, 2015, 08:40 IST | Phorum Dalal

If only Bhaijaanz, a starstruck eatery at Bandra that is themed around Salman Khan, had paid a little attention to its food

We decide to go to Bhaijaanz after the 'Salman Khan' buzz had died down, but from the moment we walk into the eatery at Sheryl Rajan Road in Rizvi Complex, Bandra till the time we ge out, it was a 'sallubhai' OD.

A portrait of Salman Khan inside Bhaijaanz
A portrait of Salman Khan inside Bhaijaanz (below)

The outside seating is replete with frames of Salman Khan movie stills. The owners have gone a step ahead and added a 10 rupee note corresponding to the date of every film's release. A bit tacky, the two inside seating areas have a blown up picture of the star. The one we sit in has him in a 'hulk' avatar. Read: Green, bulky Salman Khan staring down at us throughout the meal.

But, we decide to put all that behind us and focus on the food. The menu brings us back to reality: Salman craze is here to stay. In the breakfast menu, the egg preparations are listed below Anda Apna Apna, while the sandwiches are under the title Salaam-E-Sandwich.


Since it is lunch time, we order Chicken Seekh Kebab (R229) and Sabziyon Ke Seekh Kebab (R229). While we wait for our order, a group of collegians are have a laughter riot mouthing film dialogues – 'Swagat nahi karoge hamara', 'Ek baar jo maine commitment kardi', 'Hum tum mein itne ched karenge, ki confuse ho jaoge ke' – which are put up in the outdoor décor too.

The vegetarian seekh kebab is bland — a peas and peanut mash, which is in dire need of some masala. The chicken seekh is not well spiced either and we miss the punch of elaichi and green chillies.

Chicken Bhunna at the eatery. Pic/Phorum Dalal
Chicken Bhunna at the eatery. Pic/Phorum Dalal 

While Vegetable Croquettes and Lemon Grass Infused Skewers are not available, our server recommends Cheese and Pepper Poppers (R189). Served with French Fries and salad leaves, the poppers dripping in oil are a poor cousin of cheesy Jalepeno poppers. To our surprise, even the mayonnaise is dunked in oil.

We decide not to experiment much and call for main course. Chicken Bhunna Masala (R279) and Malai Paneer Makhani (R269) – dishes listed below the Dabangg 2 and Jai Ho Veg headings.

Both the dishes come drowned in oil, which kills half our appetite. In our minds, we almost apologise to the areas of our body we know will bear the brunt of the added calories. The bhuna is too sweet and the tomato gravy flat to awaken our taste buds. The makhani gravy is a bit sour. The tender paneer is the only saving grace.
The cover of the menu has a cartoon strip that narrates how this eatery was conceptualised. It also helps us word our verdict:

Friend 1: 'Chal restaurant start karte hai'
Friend 2: 'bhaijaanz, ye naam kaisa hai?' …
And so goes the story board. Lastly, Friend 1 asks:
But will bhai like it?
We doubt.

The review was conducted anonymously

Food: Too oily
Service: Decent
Ambiance: It's all about bhai
At: G2, White Rose Building, Sherly Rajan Road, Rizvi Complex, Off Carter Road, Bandra West
Call: 9867733737

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