This Bawi Bride wants to cook it up for Mumbai

Sep 23, 2013, 15:39 IST | Ruchika Kher

Kheema Kebabs, Dhansak, Lagan nu Custard � does the mention of these dishes invite yum images in the head? If yes, then Bawi Bride should be on your speed dial. The just-launched catering service promises to satiate your cravings for sweet and savoury authentic Parsi cuisine, and much more. Jamva Chalo Ji!

From being a food blogger to a foodie and now, cooking — Perzen Patel loves all things Parsi. So, it isn’t surprising that when she decided to start a kitchen, she opted for Parsi cuisine and called it Bawi Bride. One afternoon, she indulged us with few of her delights that were wolfed down by the team, in record time.

Grandpa’s Kheema Kebabs

The dishes we tried were Beetroot Relish with Ricotta Cheese (R445), Coriander and Garlic Mayonnaise with Pita Crisps (R135), Grandpa’s Kheema Kebabs (R150), Decadent Chocolate Mousse (R600) and Rum ‘n’ Raisin Meringue Shells (R200).

We began our tasting spree with the beetroot relish, mixed with cheese. The sweet and slightly-spiced recipe tasted well with the cheese. Patel added that a biscuit or any salty treat would compliment this preparation. Next, we laid our hands on the tiny, triangular pita crisps and the coriander and garlic mayonnaise.

Beetroot Relish with Ricotta Cheese

The garlic-ey flavour was bang on, and we couldn’t stop ourselves at one crisp. It makes for a delish starter for discerning guests. Kheema Kebabs tend to be a staple at Bawa meals. But Patel explains that her version is made differently. Typically, the Kheema Kebabs (or cutlets) include an egg frill, but Patel adds potato as well and the egg is inside the kebab rather than outside. Needless to say, the scrumptious dish was gobbled in a jiffy by the non vegetarians on the team.

Rum ‘n’ Raisin Meringue Shells

We rounded off our heavenly afternoon meal with a round of Patel’s sinful desserts. The Chocolate Mousse was one of the best we’ve had in ages, and came with rich Chocolate Chips. The Meringue Shells were of melt-in-mouth variety. We approve. 

The Bawi Bride speaks:
How and why did you zero in on this name?
I wanted to get a name that spoke about the person behind the cooking. Since I am a newly-wed Parsi, one night, the name, Bawi Bride came
to me in a dream, and it just stuck!

Since you live in Five Gardens, known for its population of Parsis, who forms your customer base?
I have a range of people who order from me, with a mix of Parsis and non-Parsis.

What would you call your USP?
Given that most of my food is available in small portions (up to two people), my USP is my weekly rotating menu. Being a foodie myself, I’ve found that when given a big menu to choose from, I can never make up my mind and that I stick with ordering the two-three dishes I know; I don’t allow myself to be adventurous. By having a different menu of dips, desserts and Parsi delicacies to choose from, the intent is that you can take your taste buds on a tour and never have to worry yourself that the one dish you didn’t order may actually, have been good! However, I understand that a weekly menu may not always work when you have a big party or a special occasion, so I am flexible and can always make a special batch of food when needed.

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