This chicken's drunk on beer!

Apr 06, 2014, 11:16 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Executive chef Rahul Kulkarni of Irish House shares the recipe of Roasted Beer Can Chicken

With three outlets already spreading good food and cheer in the city, Irish House is everyone’s favourite watering hole. And with its fourth outlet expected to open its doors in Andheri soon, the burbies won’t have reason to complain either.

Executive Chef Rahul Kulkarni of Irish House pours sauce on Beer Chicken. Pic/Pradeep Dhivar

With a variety of beer available at the pub, it’s no wonder that Irish House has a number of alcohol-infused dishes in their menu.

Executive Chef Rahul Kulkarni tells us that there’s nothing better than feasting on a Roasted Beer Can Chicken when you’re really hungry. “The chicken is marinated in beer and herbs that lends it a great flavour,” he says.

The chef adds that the dish, which was incorporated in the menu a few months back, is already a hit with customers who want to try something unique. The chef shares his favourite recipe from the menu with sunday mid-day readers:

Roasted beer can chicken

>> 1 kg whole chicken with skin
>> 10g garlic
>> 5g rosemary
>> 20g salt
>> 5g black pepper
>> 200ml Murphy’s Irish stout
>> 30g carrot
>> 30g celery
>> 30g leeks
>> 30g onion
>> 20ml oil

Roasted potato wedges
>> 1 carrot
>> 1 medium sized potato
>> 3g rosemary
>> 2g chilli flakes
>> 5g garlic
>> 5g salt
>> 2g pepper
>> 10ml oil

Beer sauce
>> 250ml strong beer
>> 3g garlic
>> 2g rosemary
>> 2g salt
>> 2g black pepper
>> 10g refined flour
>> 100g cream
>> 20g butter
>> Honey/sugar to taste

Seasonal grilled vegetables
>> 200g carrot
>> 100g zucchini
>> 100g yellow squash
>> 100g broccoli
>> 1 red/yellow bellpepper
>> Salt and black pepper to taste
>> Oil as required

>> Rub the salt and black pepper on the chicken from inside and all over
>> Marinate the whole chicken with skin on, with all the ingredients chopped finely in a deep bowl. Turn upside down
>> Leave the chicken to marinate for an hour, or overnight in a refrigerator.
>> On a deep baking tray, roast the marinated chicken at 100°C for 25 minutes
>> Wash and cut vegetables and potatoes and add seasoning
>> Put all veggies in a deep tray, roast vegetables in an oven. The remaining oil can be used from chicken roast. Roast at 200°C. Bake carrots and potatoes separately as they take more time to bake
>> For the sauce, in a hot pan, add butter and flour. Cook on slow flame till its golden brown
>> Add rosemary and garlic while the flour is cooking
>> Add half of the beer to the pan. Stir with a whisk. Add the remaining beer till sauce is reduced. Add the seasoning
>> Add the cream and turn off the gas
>> A pinch of sugar/honey can be added if the sauce is too bitter
>> Serve the roasted chicken on the bed of roasted vegetables. Pour sauce before serving. Garnish with thyme sprig and chopped parsley

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