This London skyscraper blamed for melting cars

Sep 04, 2013, 00:24 IST | Agencies

In the city of London, a $345 million (Rs 2,345 crore) skyscraper has captured the attention of passers-by, like no other

Coined as the Walkie-Talkie tower, the 160-metre building has lightreflecting from the curved glass surfaces which has been concentrated into scorching beams that melts cars in the street below. The building now nicknamed as Walkie Scorchie.

Walkie Talkie tower

The developers have agreed to pay $1,635 (Rs 1.11 lakh) in damage to company boss Martin Lindsay, who’s Jaguar XJ was warped while beneath the tower for an hour. “They're going to have to do something. I’m gutted. How can they let this continue?”

Developers Land Securities and Canary Wharf say “We are looking into the matter.” And in the mean time, nearby parking bays in the City of London have been suspended.

But it’s not just cars that are suffering under the rays bouncing off the 37-storey, skyscraper - which is due to be completed in 2014. Angry business owners say the 535-foot tower is also responsible for blistering paintwork, causing tiles to smash, and singing fabric.

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