This Lower Parel eatery serves food in quirky ways

Sep 05, 2014, 06:26 IST | Soma Das

SpiceKlub at Lower Parel offers you molecular gastronomy on a platter. From Pani Puri served in syringes to frozen Kulfis served in a flask with liquid nitrogen, they will have you do a double take on these ubiquitous dishes

Food: Good
Service: Confused
Ambiance: Warm

Our first trip to SpiceKlub wasn’t a success. With mile-long lines, we were assured a table by 11 pm, that too on a weekday. Suitably cautioned, we made reservations for the next day and turned up on time. This time, after a short wait we were good to go. The eatery boasted of exposed brick walls, paintings adorning the walls, mellow lighting and comfortable wooden chairs and tables as well as diner-like couches.

The Bubbling Kulfi
The Bubbling Kulfi came with accompaniments like jam, caramel and chocolate. Pics/ Sayed Sameer Abedi

To slake our thirst, we opted for a Punch on the Pier (Rs 165) and a Chocolate Shake (Rs 205). The frothy punch included curaçao, orange juice and grapefruit juice as well as chunks of the fruits and was quite refreshing. The shake was nothing out of the ordinary.

Pani Puri included chutney in test tubes
Pani Puri included chutney in test tubes

By now, the Dahi Vada (Rs 395) and the Pani Puri (Rs 275) had arrived. For the former, the Vada was served crumbled with spherified yogurt (spherification is the process of shaping liquid into spheres). We added the crumbled vada and the chutneys to the yogurt and slurped it at a go. As the sphere burst in our mouth, we savoured the flavours of delicious Dahi Vada.

Punch on the Pier was refreshing
Punch on the Pier was refreshing

Next up, the paraphernalia for the Pani Puri arrived. We got a syringe with the sweet chutney, test tubes filled with spicy chutney as well as separate bowls of puris and green sprouts. As we injected the red chutney and added the green to the puris, we couldn’t help but feel a bit let down; after all, we were just assembling the regular ingredients albeit in test tubes and syringes. For the mains, we ordered the Soya Kheema Lifafa (Rs 425), which included minced soya wrapped in a roomali roti and served with gravy. It was cooked well and was satiating.

The Dahi Vada
The Dahi Vada included spherified yogurt served with crumbled vada

For dessert, we opted for the Bubbling Kulfi (Rs 495). On a platter strewn with petals, the kulfi was served frozen in a flask with liquefied nitrogen. You dish out some of the frozen kulfi crumbs and add the accompaniments you like (jam, chocolate, caramel, etc, are options). You wait till the kulfi melts and voila, your version of kulfi is ready. The attendant cautioned us that if we ate it before it melts, it would stick to the tongue, as it tends to be dry. We loved the idea and the experience of eating many types of kulfi at once.

SpiceKlub at Lower Parel
SpiceKlub at Lower Parel offers molecular gastronomy cuisine

The service was polite but confused. We had to repeat our orders several times to different attendants. They also took ages in between orders, perhaps, to get the paraphernalia in place. Initial hitches aside, SpiceKlub is an interesting space to savour gastronomic delights in unique ways.


At: SpiceKlub, 8A, Janta Industrial Estate, Senapati Bapat Marg, opposite Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel.
Call: 24925544

SpiceKlub didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymous-ly and pays for its meals.

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