This Mumbai food blogger doodles her recipes!

Aug 11, 2013, 06:55 IST | Punam Chavan

Food blogger Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal has married her love for food and doodling to come up with Foodles � where she creates recipes while illustrating them as well

When food blogger Rushina Ghildiyal’s husband gifted her a smart phone, she loved a particular app in it, which allowed people to note their memos by doodling. And then, she had her Eureka moment. Using the app to give a visual effect to some fun recipes, Ghildiyal has just launched Foodles — where she creates new recipes along with doodles, each of which tell a story.

A foodle recipe of Grilled Garlic Grapes with chillies and garnished with baby fenugreek leaves  

“I had learnt animation in school. The phone that my husband gifted me came with a stylus that allowed me to draw, cut and paste objects and look at a possible marriage of food and technology. Being a foodie, I thought of trying something creative with food. I doodled a watermelon salad and put it on my blog, which everyone liked. Thus was born Foodles,” says Ghilidayal who also owns the APB Cook Studio.

The concept of food doodling, of course, is not new. But what makes Ghildiyal’s foodles unique is the simplicity of the recipes with the storyboard doodles. “I have deliberately tried to keep all my illustrations and recipes simple, to allow people to understand how simple they could be to cook, and how delicious it could be to eat at the same time. Even a novice can cook the dishes after seeing the foodles,” says the blogger.

Food blogger Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal

Ghildiyal adds her own dash of creativity to her recipes, by adding or tweaking ingredients. “I was creating a recipe for a friend who wanted a dish that looked purple. So I decided to make a cool recipe that could go with his personality and thought about grapes. I doodled this recipe of Grilled Garlic Grapes where the grapes are grilled with chillies and garlic and garnished with baby fenugreek leaves. It is a sweet-savoury dish. And yes, it was a hit,” laughs Ghildiyal.

But how do people get access to foodles? “I plan to put up the foodles on my food blog named Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal. I have also decided to create a booklet of my foodles and sell it from my cook-studio,” she says.

A foodle of Cinnamon Chicken Rub

To celebrate the launch of her foodles, which also coincides, with the first birthday of her cook studio, Ghildiyal is planning a sit-down meal for 12 people on August 18. “I plan to cook a meal using 12 local ingredients. This will be a three-course meal for 12 people, which I plan to sell for Rs 1,200 per person. The money raised from this will go to a charity close to my heart,” she says.

The blogger who also conducts seasonal food walks to introduce people to different food cultures in Mumbai, plans to increase the frequency of these educational walks.

“I also do Indian home-cooking where I take people, who are new to Mumbai, on walks across our markets to familiarise them with the city’s markets. I then bring them back to my studio and give them cooking tips,” says Ghildiyal.

So what’s next, we ask. “The first of my foodles have been mostly snacks and starters. I now plan to come up with foodles of Italian and Chinese dishes. As of now, this is purely a hobby so I am not really looking at making my foodles a commercially viable business,” she signs off.

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