This Mumbai journalist's 'globe-trotting' journey is awe-inspiring

Jul 21, 2016, 14:25 IST | mid-day online correspondent

A Mumbai-based scribe left his profession, and has been travelling to various parts of the world for the past four months. Wondering what's so special about his journey? Read story to find out

What do you do after you quit your job? Look for another. Not if you are Vishnudas Chapke. This Mumbai-based journalist, who worked in a couple of English newspapers, left his profession, and has been traveling across the globe for the past four months.

Vishnudas Chapke. Pics/Facebook

Wondering what’s so special about his journey? Well, it’s the fact that Vishnudas is the son of a farmer from the drought-affected Marathwada belt. And, he is on a brave journey to circumnavigate the world by land on a shoe-string budget.

Vishnu does not live in lavish hotels. He sleeps in temples and railway stations, does whatever work comes his way. So far, Vishnu has crossed 10000 kms through India, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and China on his trip. His next destination is Australia, a Facebook friend of his, Nitasha Natu, shared on social media.

These photos of him travelling the world tell a story that will inspire you for sure.

Homeless in Thailand

Vishnudas in Vietnam

Enjoying the journey of life...

At Beijing railway station

On one of his many train journeys 

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