This pixie loves her desserts

Apr 19, 2013, 06:25 IST | Soma Das

If you have a sweet tooth and believe that a trip to the dessert shop is a yawn, order from Pixie Mojo Patisserie, the newest online gourmet dessert catering service in town. From Cr me Brul �e, Baileys Mud Cake to Whoopie Pies and Macaroons, Stephanie Lobo will whip it all up, magically

Stephanie Lobo’s dessert journey started with her sampling her first macaroon two years ago. “On my very first international trip to France, I had finished visiting the summit of the Eiffel Tower and was extremely hungry by then. I spotted a little café nearby. Something caught my attention; it was this biscuit-like disc oozing with cream that had me hooked. So, I purchased one to quell my curiosity; with my first bite I knew that I had to replicate it when I returned home,” recalls the 27-year-old.

Doraemon cake

This experience brought to life the baking enthusiast in Lobo, and she progressed to making basic cakes, éclairs, tarts and other pastries. She also started catering for family get-togethers and office parties. “Throughout the baking, experimenting and improvising with the recipes never stopped. I started baking on order for friends and colleagues who encouraged me to start a side- business out of my pet passion.”

Irish Coffee Muffins

Soon Lobo realised that she was enjoying baking more than her advertising / marketing career and decided to take up baking full time with Pixie Mojo. “Being an avid reader of the Peter Pan series (as a child), I’ve always been drawn to pixies and being petite in stature also helped to drive this personlised offering which through the ‘secret’ mojo assures you of magical taste explosions,” she explains.

Gingerbread Cookies 

Lobo admits to being “a-self-taught, family-taught, Google-taught baker” and some of her recipes have also been featured in magazines. She has also put her own spin on recipes by making desserts such as Cookie Cupcakes and discovering ingredient substitutes that work as well as the original.

She bakes on order with an advance notice of 48 hours. Lobo is also in talks with a couple of partners for opening a café-cum-boutique shortly. “The satisfaction in putting a sweet treat in someone’s hand and enjoying the resulting ear-to-ear grin is undeniably the reason behind my need to follow my passion,” she explains.

Some of her best sellers include the Banoffee Pie, Baileys Mud Cake, Chocolate and Star Anise Biscotti, Crème Brulee and Tiramisu. Apart from desserts, she also prepares soft-centred chocolates, cookies and biscuits and customises cakes. Summarising it, Lobo says, “Baking into the wee hours of the morning, finding my hair dusted with flour by the end of the day and the innumerable scars I have from burning myself on pre-heated oven coils and hot pans — through it all I’ve discovered that this affaire de coeur (a love affair) has only just begun. As they say, you don’t choose to be a chef; the career
chooses you!”

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