This Rajkot man can make it rain at will

May 09, 2012, 09:44 IST | Surender Sharma

Mohan Vekaria, a small-time mechanic, claims to have created a machine that can cause rain anywhere and at any given time; asserts that Delhi is witnessing a pleasant summer because of his machine, running in Gujarat

In the age of science, impossible is nothing. But this middle-aged man’s claims are sure to inspire shock and doubt in the minds of many. Mohan Vekaria, a resident of Gujarat, asserts he has created a machine that can cause rain.

A small-time mechanic from Rajkot, Vekaria said it took him 12 years to make the machine. In the interim, he even had to sell off his property to fund the project.

Rain man: Mohan Vekaria said it took him 12 years to make the machine. In the interim, he even had to sell off his property to fund the project

Speaking to MiD DAY, Vekaria said, “It’s as small as a washing machine. It creates humidity in the air, which can cause rain in any season and area. Besides, its impact can be regulated and the machine can cause atmospheric changes in around 3-4 districts at a time.” He added that he couldn’t divulge any more details about it, as he has applied for a patent for his creation.

Vekaria, who is a matriculate, claimed that the unprecedented rain in Kutch (Abdasa region) last year was due to his invention.

“The area does receive more than 9 inch of rain, but last September it recorded 18 inch of rainfall,” he claimed. What sounds more interesting is Vekaria’s claim that because of his machine, which is placed in Gujarat, Delhiites are experiencing a pleasant summer this year.

‘Absurd claim’
Reacting to Vekaria’s statement, BP Yadav, spokesperson of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said, “Such claims seem absurd. I just can’t understand how a machine can create so much moisture and then lift it up to 10-15 km in the sky to form a cloud. There are some artificial methods to cause rains, but there’s no method by which one can create so much moisture and make it fall as rain.” Yadav added that it’s improper to even comment on such a ridiculous claim.

Interestingly, one of Vekaria’s associates and a member of Gujarat Biotechnology Council Rasik Ittalia had met IMD Chief LS Rathore last week and has sought his time to show a demo on how the machine can bring rain. Puzzled, the IMD chief is learnt to have told him that he’ll discuss the matter with fellow scientists and get back to him. Though Rathore was not available for comment, his office confirmed the meeting.

“I have seen the machine and how it works. We have asked the IMD to give us any three dates, and with the help of the machine we will make it rain in any particular area,” said Ittalia. 

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