This small Versova eatery is big on flavours

Feb 15, 2015, 06:35 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Wok This Way might be a small eatery tucked away in Versova, but when it comes to flavours, it delivers big

If you don't keep your eyes peeled for the tiny sign that tells you that you've arrived at Wok This Way, you will probably miss the latest South East Asian eatery that's opened at Versova. We almost did.

Sriracha Three Pepper Cottage Cheese at Wok This \Way in Versova. Pic/Nimesh Dave
Sriracha Three Pepper Cottage Cheese at Wok This \Way in Versova. Pic/Nimesh Dave  

The neat wooden interiors, done up in shades of black and brown, and a tree at the corner of the eatery, lend it a cosy feel and we make ourselves comfortable on one of the four tables. The smiling staff hands us a copy of the menu and we give it a quick scan.

For a small eatery, there's plenty of options to choose from, and we are happy to note that there is none of the usual hakka and schezuan stuff we come across at most restaurants.

We ask for the Gado Gado (Rs 125) and the salad arrives within a few minutes in a paper box. The Indonesian salad, with veggies and peanut dressing is an instant heartwarmer and we tuck in happily. The veggies are fresh and the crunchy peanuts add to the texture.

The non-veg Gyoza (Rs 195) has a generous chicken filling and is quite a mouthful, but doesn't make us go wow. What does, is the Sriracha Three Pepper Cottage Cheese (Rs 175) and the non-veg Spring Roll (Rs 195).

The former, with its spicy sauce and soft cottage cheese, is devoured happily by our vegetarian friend, who declares it a winner. The latter, with its very finely chopped veggies and chicken mince in slim cylindrical rolls, is a crunchy and flavoursome affair.

When it comes to the mains, our server suggests the Sichuan Pepper Chicken, Hoisin Sauce & Egg Fried Rice (Rs 250). The restaurant isn't stingy when it comes to chicken and veggies and the generous portion with the peppery marinade is sweet and salty in equal parts. Next up, we go for the non-veg Penang Curry (Rs 200) which we can best describe as comfort food, with the coconut milk, lemongrass and galangal lending their beautiful flavours to the Malaysian red curry.

The Mango with Sticky Rice (Rs 95) beckons and we gladly give in to the temptation. The sticky kheer—like rice below, covered with a dollop of sweetened mango pulp and coconut milk, is a sweet end to a delicious meal. You can even make your own wok at the eatery, but we save that for another day. We're sure we'll be back.

Where: Wok This Way, Shop no 8, Beach Queen, 33, JP Road, Versova
Service: Quick
Food: Generous with portions and flavourful
Ambiance: Cosy
Call: 65556071/2

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