This smarty needs a bug fix

Jun 20, 2013, 09:23 IST | Hassan M Kamal

The Celkon Signatuer HD A119Q is stylish and packed with features including a quad-core processor making it a close competitor to the Canvas HD, but it comes with its shortcomings, including a few bugs and a technical glitch with its camera

Today, the Indian market is flooded with smartphones promoted by Indian companies, offering features that would make anyone drool, especially since they cost one-third of what is being offered by reputed brands. But they could be confusing too.

We faced a similar dilemma when the Celkon Signature HD A119Q, with an MRP of Rs 13,499, arrived for review. The specifications are too good 12 mega pixel rear camera, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, dual SIM slots, a 5-inch screen with 720x1280 resolution and glass protection. And to top it all, it comes with goodies like a phone cover and a scratch guard. But do these features add up for a worthy buy?

Let’s first tell you that the phone is stylish, a bit heavy (understandable, considering its size), and the battery lasts for 12-14 hours. The 5-inch screen is a bit grainy, but likeable. However, if you wish to do more than watching videos, or browsing the web, the A119Q behaves a bit rudely.

The 12MP camera (tough to believe) works decently in daylight, but the absence of auto exposure lock makes it difficult to shoot a video. Besides, the 1.65GB available memory (out of 4GB) is too less. Celkon also needs to fix a few bugs; for example, the phone restarts during multi-tab browsing, and at times, after you hang-up, you can’t make another call until you restart the phone.

So, yes, A119 Q, would be a good buy and give phones like Micromax Cavans HD a good competition, but not unless Celkon fixes the bugs that seem to have poisoned its system. And what’s with apps like Mango TV and Celkon Live? We certainly aren’t paying for sexy wallpapers, now!

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