This supermarket is called caramel

Jun 10, 2012, 10:23 IST | Ayesha Nair

The 24-hour store is conveniently located outside arrivals terminal 1B at the domestic airport

The next time you are on airport duty to receive an aunt who takes way too much time at the baggage belt, hop into Caramello Superette. Caramello is Spanish for caramel and superette means a store with elements of a supermarket. And Caramello Superette looks just like one.  Aisles are stacked with food items as well as personal care products, all imported from America, United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.

That’s where the store’s USP lies — brands and products seldom seen in Indian markets cover the neatly-stocked racks. Chocolates take up most of the space. But there are also entire racks dedicated to biscuits and chips — paprika, tortilla and barbeque.

A frozen food section stores England’s Cheddars Brie and Gouda along with meats like honey roast ham (Rs 300 for five pieces) and Danish salami. Chewing gums have a dedicated space as well.

Caramello Superette has an inviting store front. Pics/Nimesh Dave

You will find pretzels by Penn State (Rs 100 for 30g), salted nuts, bite-sized pots of London Dairy ice-cream and gnocchi(Rs 275 for 500g). The personal care section has VS Sassoon products like shampoo (Rs 815) and conditioner. The drinks section serves a variety of high-end bottled water like Tau (Rs 180) and Volvic.

The sheer range and variety available at Caramello Superette is enough to keep you occupied for a few hours. For the average shopper, though, shelling out Rs 170 for a bag of chips or Rs 425 for fig rolls might seem a little steep. However if you are an avid shopper and have a taste for imported goods, this is the place to be. The well informed but not over-friendly staff is a bonus.

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