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Mar 06, 2013, 01:30 IST | The Guide Team

Tardeo takeaway Tawa Hut offers a wide range of comfort food, and brings cheer to the foodie in a rush, especially, with its value-for-money prices. They've kept things simple, and it's paid off

It was one of those Monday evenings in office where only food could play mood lifter, fuel provider and able soul food after a tearing deadline. Despite the fact that Punjabi and Mughlai cuisine takeaway Tawa Hut is based in Tardeo, our hearts did a little jig when our generous order arrived at our Parel address inside of an hour. The lone downer was the poorly packed containers.

Chicken Pari Kebab is a good option for non-vegetarians

The Angoori Rabdi had spilled all over the carry bag turning our mini feast into a sticky affair. The lack of tissue napkins didn’t make things
easier. Refusing to let these bad omens play on our mind, we got down to business. The interestingly christened Chicken Pari Kebab (Rs 165) appeared, and as we were to find out soon, was a safe bet.

The grilled dish with a hint of yoghurt and garnished with onions was tender and delicious. It was heavenly, and no prizes for guessing how it earned its name.  The Chicken Tawa Pulao (Rs 150) tasted good too. Although we weren’t a fan of its measly chicken meat portions, and were bummed out with the absence of Raita, a must-have accompaniment for pulao, this version, despite a decent churn of spices, made for a healthy option.

Angoori Rabdi was so delicious that it melted in the mouth

The far more sinful Mutton Rahra (Rs 185) was made from tender mutton; if our taste buds could speak, they’d swear by it. And never mind the greasy lining that graced the insides of the plastic container that it arrived in.  This dish comprising of minced and chopped mutton had us smacking our lips, even as the garlic overkill made us reach out for a breath freshener, afterwards.

The shreds of mutton complimented the pieces of its marinated version, and we were glad that both were cooked in curd, tomatoes and spices like turmeric, cardamom and chilli in even consistency. It can play perfect foil for any of the Indian breads on the menu. For us, the light Roomali Roti (Rs 25, each) did the trick. However, the Aloo Cheese Parantha (Rs 95) was a revelation on the downside as the cheese element was almost amiss. Since the outlet is dedicated to the tawa, we were hoping for a similar texture from its specialties including this parantha. It missed the salivating fare of coriander seeds and ajwain but was an edible tawa aloo parantha made from refined flour and seasoned boiled potatoes.

Chicken Tawa Pulao was good, but the chicken portions were measly. Pics/Datta Kumbhar

The lone vegetarian dish we ordered for, the Soya Kheema (Rs 100) was delicious and included mixed soya granules with peas, which made for a nutritious vegetarian addition to Tawa Hut’s predominantly non-vegetarian menu. We signed off our takeaway feast with the yummy Angoori Rabdi (R35). Served in a delicious preparation of milk with cardamom and zafran (saffron), the small round pieces of rabdi melted in the mouth. You might also want to choose from their Mini Lunch Packs — Vegetarian (R65), Non-vegetarian (Rs 115) and Special Parantha Lunch Packs (R85) served with Chana Masala and Raita.

At Shop no 3, Zainab Manzil, ground floor, Tardeo Road, Tardeo.
Call 65006533
(Tawa Hut delivers anywhere between Worli and Colaba and to a certain extent to Parel depending on the quantities)
The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals 

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