This yogurt's here to stay

Oct 14, 2012, 09:14 IST | Tunali Mukherjee

Yet another yogurt place? Sunday Midday digs into a bowl of what promises to be a 'best than the rest' frozen yogurt cafe, Yogos, to find out if it really is that

Adding to the long list of newly opened frozen yogurt places is Yogos, perfectly situated at the end of the long shopping stretch of the Lokhandwala market.

So it seemed like a good idea to drop into this tiny cafe after a long day of shopping in the hot October sun. We were instantly greeted by colourful interiors and the cuddly Panda mascot frolicking on the walls.

Yogos at Lokhandwala, Andheri (w). A serving of fresh fruit yogurt. Pics/Nimesh Dave  

At first glance, the menu seems exhaustive. There are four flavours that you can choose from — Original, Strawberry, Chocolate, and the Flavour of the day(Crème Brulee, Tiramisu, Grape/Acaiberry, etc).

Pair it with interesting toppings such as Falero Candy (pulpy fruit chews), Hazelnut fudge pieces, Nutella, Granola, Brownie Muffin, Caramel Almonds, Candy floss and MnMs, and you have yourself a treat for the senses.

The cafe also has a pre-set menu recommendations like the Banana Toffee(biscotti mixed with plain yogurt, diced bananas and caramel sauce), Hazelnut Nutella Mix (Vanilla muffin mixed with plain yogurt, topped with hazelnut fudge, hazelnut nutella and coffee sauce) and Blueberry Cheescake, which is also their bestseller. Looking for more options? Well, you can also go in for a Smoothie or some cupcakes too.

We instantly went in for the Choco Lava (Chocolate yogurt mixed with Kit Kat, walnuts, MnMs and Oreos layered with chocolate sauce) but our chocolate high went kaput when we were told there was no chocolate yogurt. In a dessert place? That’s like saying there’s no Santa on Christmas. We settled for our next option, the Strawberry Delight (Rs 160), a blend of strawberry yogurt topped with fresh fruit and candyfloss on a vanilla muffin base.

The ‘Yogo Recommends’ are served in regular size only, something that even three hungry people struggled to finish. The yogurt, no doubt, was rich and fresh in taste. It had a wholesome texture and feel to it. What didn’t work were the toppings. The candyfloss was disappointing. None of that melt-in-the-mouth magic with pieces as tiny as these.

The yellow peach was interesting as a standalone, and worked to an extent with the strawberry, but the pomegranates just didn’t.

We tried their bestseller, the Blueberry Cheescake, the next. (Cheesecake yogurt mixed with cheese crust and blueberry jam, Rs 100 for the Small) If this is their bestseller, then we’re a tad disappointed. As again, their base yogurt was rich in taste and full-bodied, but none of the toppings worked together to create that experience we were looking forward to. The cheese crust was powdery and tasteless, the jam was good but couldn’t salvage the dessert and the hazelnut fudge was bitter, leaving the palatte thoroughly confused as to what it should taste.

Try out the Peach Apricot yogurt though. Even plain, it made it to out list of favourites. Will we visit again? Yes, just because their yogurt is worth it. Give the toppings a wide berth though. Their fare is priced at anything between Rs 35 for a mini cup to Rs 280 for a Kings Cup.

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