Those who fell along the way

Jan 16, 2012, 08:24 IST | Priyanka Vora

3,500 participants developed health problems in course of the run, requiring medical assistance; 5 of them were rushed to hospital

3,500 participants developed health problems in course of the run, requiring medical assistance; 5 of them were rushed to hospital 
While many participants had a dream run last morning, the exacting marathon left others high and dry. Five runners had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment, after they started showing signs of severe exhaustion.

Retired hurt: Around 3,500 participants complained of dehydration,
giddiness, disorientation, and sought treatment at the medical camps that
had been arranged at intervals along the way. Pic/Sunil Tiwari

Of them, Dinesh Chandrakar, a 43-year-old scientist from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) who complained of severe chest pains, required hospitalisation.

A total of 3,500 runners had to be given medical assistance yesterday at the medical camps.

Chandrakar was first taken to Lilavati Hospital, after which he was sent to Jaslok Hospital. "The hospital has admitted him to keep him under observation, but the doctors told me that his condition is stable," said his wife Dr Santwana.

21-year-old Sagar Desai suffered from severe dehydration and hypoglycemia, after running the half-marathon yesterday. Miraculously, Desai had managed to run the half-marathon last year in three hours flat, with no training. The complacence that he earned last year encouraged him to participate this year without any training, leading to the debacle.

Speaking to MiD DAY, Desai said, "I am not a trained runner. Last year I ran the half-marathon with ease, and so I thought I could manage again without training. But this year my body gave up on me, and as soon as I completed the run, I collapsed."

Desai was rushed to the medical camp managed by Asian Heart Institute (AHI) hospital and was given intravenous glucose. "He was completely disoriented and was in a semi-conscious state," said Dr Vijay D'Silva, medical director, AHI. Desai was later shifted to Bombay Hospital, where he was given more IV fluids and kept under observation.

On the brighter side, Desai's father, 51-year-old Deepak, who had trained for the event and was running the half-marathon along with his son, completed the run successfully. "Before I participate next year, I will surely train like my father," promised Desai.

Dr Vijay D'Silva said, "The numbers of marathon enthusiasts have swelled in numbers, but not all of them go through the rigors of training. This leads to medical complications. Most of the runners we attended to suffered from nipple bleeding owing to friction. Others complained of dehydration and vomiting."

Senior cardiac surgeon, Dr Ajit Menon from the Lilavati hospital, said, "The marathon is a glamorous event and many people want to participate, but they should know what their limitations are. Mere training is not enough; people should get medical checkups and rule out any medical problems before opting for such exertion."

Besides Desai, five other runners suffered from critical exhaustion and dehydration.

39-year-old Anjula Handa collapsed while running the half marathon, sustaining multiple injuries on her face, and right elbow. She was given preliminary treatment at the medical camp and sent to the Bombay Hospital for treatment.

39-year-old Sunil Lulla and 40-year-old Janaki Nagraj, suffered from leg injuries. A full marathon runner, 48-year-old Charles Corbett suffered from giddiness and was stabilised after being treatment with an oxygen mask.

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