Thou shalt not go 'oops!'

Apr 13, 2014, 09:21 IST | The SMD Team

Is your bra strap peeking out of your top or do you step out in your sweatpants? Designers tell Rinky Kumar the top five fashion faux pas that men and women commit and how to avoid them

Too tight to be true
Do you still wear the top that your special someone gifted you seven years ago, despite the fact that it shows your love handles? Well, then it’s high time you donate it and buy some clothes that fit you well. Designer Surily Goel says, “Dress as per your body type. Most people are delusional about their shape and wear fitted clothes that could end up looking quite vulgar.”

Socks and sandals don’t go together
This oxymoronic trend refuses to die down. It’s hot enough to wear sandals, so why wear socks? Designer Vilvin Sabu says, “Footwear is as important as the outfit. The wrong shoes are not only uncomfortable but can also ruin your entire look.”

Sweatpants are not meant for public places
Sweatpants are awesome to work out in and comfortable to relax in when behind closed doors, but in public, it’s a faux pas. It’s good to not care a damn about what others think about you, but when others see you in sweatpants, they are probably telling themselves, “He or she has given up.”

Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor’s sweatpants and (below) Lady Gaga’s make-up will surely make heads turn, though not for the right reasons 

Don’t expose your bra strap
Bra straps peeking out from tank tops or dresses are a big-time fashion blunder, even if they’re the transparent ones. To prevent this fashion faux pas from impacting you, invest in a racer back bra and a strapless bra to subtly support your breasts. Sonakshi Raaj says, “Showing bra straps is outdated. Interesting necklines and cut-out backs have replaced this trend.”

Lady Gaga

Don’t go over the top with make-up
Don’t get all your ideas from the latest Bollywood flick that you had seen. Mukherjee says, “What looks good on screen doesn’t necessarily look good in reality. Wear make-up that suits your skin tone.” Designers also advise against going over the top with accessories. Raaj says, “Keep it simple. Do not over accessorise or mix too many prints. Prints on prints is interesting only if carried off smartly, else it’s a fashion disaster.”

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