Three bogies didn't crush this woman

Jul 01, 2012, 07:25 IST | Saurabh Katkurwar & Anuradha Varanasi

Suffering a dizzy spell after bending over to vomit on the tracks, 60 year-old falls onto the tracks; sustains only minor injuries as motorman spots her and halts the train quickly, but not before three compartments pass over her

An ailing woman narrowly escaped being crushed to death after she accidentally slipped into the gap between a train and the platform at Santacruz station on Saturday morning.

Saroj Khaparde was rescued from the tracks and taken to Cooper Hospital for treatment. Pics/Anuradha Varanasi

Luckily for 60 year-old Saroj Khaparde, she didn’t suffer any serious injuries, as the motorman saw her falling onto the tracks and tried to halt the train immediately. Three compartments of the train moved as she stayed pressed against the side of the platform before the train halted.

The incident took place at around 11.50 am, when the Nerul resident was standing at the end of platform five. Feeling nauseated, she bent over to vomit on the tracks, oblivious to the fact that a train was approaching the platform. She lost her balance after a bout of dizziness and fell into the gap between the tracks and the platform and sustained a minor head injury and a few abrasions on her feet. Khaparde was taken to Cooper Hospital by Santacruz station’s home guards.

Pritam Hengalekar, her relative, said, “She had gone to Santacruz on Friday to meet our family members and was supposed to go to Kalina on Saturday morning. As she doesn’t have a cellphone, we were completely unaware of this incident until a reporter from MiD DAY visited our place and informed us about it.”

“We are relieved she didn’t sustain any serious injuries and help arrived on time,” he added.

MiD DAY then took the initiative of reuniting a shocked and ill Khaparde with her family by ensuring that the Santacruz railway officials notified her relatives about her whereabouts. Saroj has been living with her sister’s family in Nerul for the past three decades, after her husband’s death.

“I can’t believe three compartments moved over me and I am still alive. This was made possible by God’s grace,” said a disoriented Khaparde. “I hadn’t been eating properly for the past two days and suffered a terrible dizzy spell because of which I fell,” she added.

Saroj is supported by her nephew, Pritam, a software engineer and his wife Lata Hengalekar, a nurse at JJ Hospital. 

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