Three Ghatkopar siblings hit by a car

Apr 08, 2012, 01:17 IST | Kranti Vibhute

The sisters are injured and have been hospitalised

At this moment, 17 year-old Priya Gaikwad is most worried about her computer exams on Wednesday. It isn’t that the SNDT college student isn’t prepared. Unforunately, Gaikwad and her sisters were hit by a Santro car at Bhatwadi market in Ghatkopar on Friday night.

A Santro car rammed into 18 year-old Ghatkopar resident Varsha Gaikwad and her two younger sisters at Bhatwadi in Ghatkopar on Friday night. Pic/Suresh KK

Gaikwad was walking home with her sisters Varsha, 18, and Pooja, 13, when Baban Chikne, 48, a Bhatwadi local, hit the sisters with his car. CV Zendekar, senior police inspector at Ghatkopar police station, said, “We have arrested Chikne. He was not drunk and has a driving licence, so it wasn’t like he was learning the vehicle or didn’t know to drive.”

Priya has injured both her hands while Varsha fractured her right hand. Forty-two year-old Lata Shejwal, a passer-by was also hit by Chikne, and will need to undergo an operation on her leg.

Geeta Kamble, 45, Gaikwad’s grandmother said the family took the girls to Rajawadi Hospital but the treatment was delayed and slow. The hospital asked the family to take Priya home after putting a plaster on her hands. It was only after the intervention of a few local political parties did they agree to continue further treatment.

“The locals here know Chikne very well. We heard he was still learning how to drive. Why did he have to come to a crowded market area to learn the vehicle?” said Kamble. 

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