Three hoardings per chowk may just remain a daydream

Sep 16, 2013, 00:28 IST | Sukirt D. Gumaste

PMC's ambitious policy to end illegal hoarding menace in Pune may never materialise as departments pass the buck onto each other fearing political backlash, say sources

It appears that the civic body’s proposal to allow installation just three hoardings or banners, especially those related to politics, at 156 chowks in the city would never materialise.

No end in sight: The proposal of three hoardings at 156 chowks in the city remained in the pipeline as officials from the Sky Sign and Land and Estate departments, fearing political repercussions, refused the responsibility of implementing the proposal. File Pics

PMC officials took the decision of implementing the new system last moth after to rid the city of the illegal hoardings that have been defacing. But the proposal remained in the pipeline as officials from the Sky Sign and Land and Estate Departments, fearing political backlash, refused the responsibility of implementing the proposal.

Currently, the Sky Sign Department has the authority to issue permission for installation of hoardings and initiate action against the illegal ones. But its officials passed the buck onto the Land and Estate Department saying that it was their responsibility to implement the proposal an prosecute guilty because the installation was done on the ground.

Refusing to specify reason for not taking the onus of implementing the proposal, department chief D G More said, “We’ll be discussing the issue with the deputy municipal commissioner. Even a meeting with the Land and Estate Department will be conducted soon.”

Emulating Gore, Land and Estate Department in-charge R T Shinde said, “It is not our responsibility. We have clearly refused to act in forming and implementing the policy. The space of flex and hoardings doesn’t fall under our purview in our jurisdiction.”  

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