Three injured as giant tree falls in Karvenagar

Jul 23, 2013, 01:17 IST | Niranjan Medhekar and Anup Satphale

Three persons were hurt, one of whom is seriously injured, after a massive tree came crashing down on them at Samarth Road in Karvenagar at 7.35 pm yesterday.

The three sustained injuries after their two-wheelers got trapped under the fallen tree. The injured were later rescued and have been identified as Sudhir Pawar (42), resident of Gultekadi, and Shalini Jitendra Kakade (36) from chawl number 9 in Karvenagar. The third victim was identified as Manali Sunil Bhandare (22), from Chaitanya Nagar in Warje. 

fallen tree

Shalini, who sustained grievous injuries, was rushed to Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital but hospital authorities denied her admission stating non-availability of bed in the ICU. She had to wait for at least 20 minutes in the ambulance at the hospital premises. The hospital administration also rejected the police official’s request to treat her in the ambulance. She was later shifted to Sahyadri hospital. When contacted, a doctor present at the emergency room said, “There is no place in the ICU ward, so we can not admit her.” 

Shalini Jitendra Kakade, who was trapped under the tree, was rushed to Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, but hospital authorities did not admit her, stating that  no bed was available in the ICU ward. Pics/Sachin Thakre and Niranjan Medhekar

Jasankumar Chandela, a resident of Ganga Lehri society, said, “Around 7.35 pm, I heard a thud and also heard loud shrieks of people. I opened the window and was shocked to see that the big tree opposite our building had fallen down on the people passing.”

Chandela said he and his friend then dialled the fire brigade, notifying them of the incident. “A fire brigade team that included a rescue van, tree cutting van and ambulance reached at that spot and started rescue work.”

According to fire brigade officials, several vehicles were trapped under the tree, which came down near Pratidnya Hall. SB Jilhevar, station duty officer of fire brigade, said, “The tree fell on two-wheelers passing by the area and three people seated on the bikes were trapped under the tree.

Two victims rescued sustained minor injuries, while the it took some time to rescue the woman, as she was stuck under the bike and branches.” 

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