Three more art sections to be installed at T2

Feb 17, 2014, 07:57 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

Of the six planned themes, only three are on display presently and the remaining will be showcased within a year

Passengers that have been left mesmerised by the art installations on display at the airport’s new terminal building will be getting more of an artistic touch in the near future.

Passengers with time on their hands can unwind at the art exhibits on display at T2. File pic
Passengers with time on their hands can unwind at the art exhibits on display at T2. File pic

Airport authorities said that the art works on show is only half of the project and three thematic compositions are yet to be implemented at the city’s newest museum. The art program, called ‘Jaya He’ comprises of two sections: ‘Layered Narratives’, which encompasses the arrivals area and ‘Thresholds of India’, an art wall spread across the terminal’s four levels.

Artsy T2
This art wall is split into six themes: ‘India Elemental’, ‘India Global’, ‘India’s Silent Sentinels’, ‘India Seamless’, ‘India Greets’ and ‘India Moves’. Of these, the first three aesthetically pleasing works have been implemented and have created quite a stir after T2 was thrown open last Wednesday.

The three themes yet to be included are huge structures that will be procured from various parts of the country. “The chariots that are being installed in the thematic composition of ‘India Moves’ are so heavy that they require many people to handle them. These unique structures will surely amaze people,” said a Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) official.

Authorities said that the eastern wing of the airport would take a year to complete before it is thrown open. “Presently, what passengers are experiencing is the west section of the airport, and the eastern part of the terminal will be functional only after a year,” added the official. The swanky airport is spread across a total area of 439,203 square metres and is capable of handling 40 million passengers.

themes on display
( India Elemental is based on the concept of the panch mahabhuta, linked to the Hindu creation myth as well as the foundation of the Indian science of wellbeing. Fire and Ice (the concept by artist Keyur Patel) is a paradox of nature as fire decimates everything that comes in its path and ice formed from water is the antidote to it.

Both, water and fire being elemental to the ‘panch mahabhuta’, the five elements of earth and thus it is an attempt here to freeze both fire (lamps) and ice (glass cubes in congenial togetherness despite the paradox of their coexistence).

( India Global represents an India in the making, where new forms, materials and ways of being coalesce in novel ways, the old and new coexisting side by side, spar with one another and more often than not, erupt into fantastic hybrids, at once global and local. ( India’s Silent Sentinels is composed of various architectural and sculptural elements traditionally featured in thresholds of homes, water sources, and religious architecture.

Yet to arrive
>> India Moves will have heavy chariots and depict various modes of transport

>> India Seamless utilises elements of Indian art that represent modes of travel. Will have concept of depicting various states of the country

>> India Greets is a set of installations that will result from collaborations of artists and craftspeople from Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and West Bengal. (Few of the artworks from this theme are on display while a few more are yet to be implemented)

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