Three's (musical) company

May 26, 2013, 00:23 IST | Phorum Dalal

Vocalist Ashwini Bhide, Begum Parveen Sultana and Santoor maestro Satish Vyas will share the stage for Chirantan at Nehru Centre this week

This week, three greats from the world of Indian classical music will perform at Nehru Centre’s festival, Chirantan, which means timeless in sanskrit.

Ashwini Bhide, a renowned vocalist from the Jaipur Atrauli Gharana, will perform the opening piece followed by Santoor maestro Satish Vyas and vocalist Begum Parveen Sultana. Vyas’s first influence was the Kirana gharana.

Renowned vocalist Ashwini Bhide

He was later influenced by the Gwalior gharana. Meanwhile, a major influence in Sultana’s musical renditions is the Patiala gharana.

Vaibhav Patil, organiser of the event, said, “Each of the three musicians have their own distinct style, but they complement each other very well. They are known to perform complicated melodies with ease. It will portray our ancient heritage of classical music.”

Santoor maestro Satish Vyas

The theme of the performance is old ragas that have not been heard in a while. “As a practised musician, I will go with the flow of the performance,” says Bhide.

The evening, where the trio will perform together, calls for melodies befitting the time of sunset. Says Vyas. “To have three performers from different gharanas on one stage will be a treat for the audience.

Music has no barrier and I am looking forward to performing with the them,” adding that the essence of classical music transcends gharanas. “And that is the beauty of the timelessness of classical music.”

Sultana agrees, “When musicians perform together on stage, it doesn’t matter what gharana they belong to. The success of the performances will depend upon how easily we are able to enthrall the audience,” she says.

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