Three musicians reveal songs they serenaded their loved one with

Feb 14, 2018, 09:10 IST | Shunashir Sen

Three musicians from across genres recall a time when they serenaded their loved one with songs that were special to both

Kanishk Seth

Kanishk Seth, electronic indie producer
This was last year, and my girlfriend was returning to Mumbai from Delhi. It was her birthday and I really wanted to do something special for her. So, since she likes Rumi, I sat down for a day or two before her birthday and composed, recorded and produced a track based on Rumi's lyrics. I tweaked it a bit to fit her name in, because it rhymes with his. I then played the track in the car while driving her home from the airport.

Isheeta Chakrvarty

Isheeta Chakrvarty, jazz singer
Back when I was in college, I once made a record for my then boyfriend on his birthday that had Come Away With Me by Norah Jones and U2's With or Without You. I was newly in love, and those were really young days. I chose these songs because I do love them and a cheesy part of me was totally tripping out on them.

Trideep Roy

Trideep Roy, DJ
My girlfriend, Shreya, and I both love this track called Man O To by Nu. And I remember that I was playing at a gig at a newly opened Bandra pub. It was a warm-up set and there weren't too many people around at the time. In fact, she was the only person on the dance floor, and I slipped the track in as a symbol of my affection for her, since I knew that even though not too many people had heard of the track back then, both of us found it special.

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