Tie him down

Jul 28, 2012, 12:15 IST | Dhara Vora and Ruchika Kher

Rebel, cool guy, geek, outdoorsy... this Raksha Bandhan, break the mould with these innovative, out-of-the-box rakhis, depending on your brother's personality. Now, these are sure to put him in a bind!

Facebook Rakhi
If your brother is someone who can’t wait for a minute without updating his status message, this rakhi will be an open secret about his addiction to social networking. He might just tweet about it too!
Log on to: http://shop.styleme.co.in
For: Rs 20-Rs 30

Android Rakhi
We love this cute android logo rakhi that is a perfect buy for a brother obsessed with his applications and mobile phone.
At: Outlook, LN Road, Matunga (CR).
For: Rs 25
Call: 24163298

Angrybird Rakhi
This one maxes the cool factor. It lights up with the press of a button and even makes a twittering sound! And, you can hang it in your room after rakhi too.
At: Satyam Collection, LN Road, Matunga (CR).
For: Rs 75
Call: 24138685 


Coppertone Rakhi
This rakhi is made of antique copper metal discs held with bright coloured beads onto a recycled silk dori.
Log on to: wemakelove.in
For: Rs 150

Zoozoo Rakhi
These Zoozoos are the perfect example of quirk-meets-cool. Buy this sunglass-wearing version of the zoozoo for your fun-loving, hatke se brother.
At: Outlook, LN Road, Matunga (CR).
For: Rs 15 onwards
Call: 24163298

Recycled Paper Rakhi

These rakhis made from newspapers will earn you good karma apart from a nod of approval from your environment-friendly brother.
Log on to: www.afday.com OR itshandmade.in
For: Rs 150 for a set of four

Boat Rakhi
This rakhi is an ode to the brother who has travelled the seven seas and aims to visit every undiscovered section of this earth. An adventurous rakhi for the adventure-loving brother.
At: shopo.in, mirraw.com, unwrapindia.com, itshandmade.in and Sanctum in Khar.
For: Rs 199

Harley Rakhi
If Highway to Hell is your brother’s favourite track on his iPod, and motorbikes are his first love, opt for this Harley Davidson for Hell’s Angel at home.
Log on to:  http://shop.styleme.co.in
For: Rs 20-30

Football Rakhi
If your brother breathes football this rakhi, which is available with logos of several other teams, might just make his day.
At: Satyam Collection, LN Road, Matunga (CR).
For: Rs 75
Call: 24138685

Camera Rakhi
This one took us back to our childhood trips to the toy seller.
At: Satyam Collection, LN Road,  Matunga (CR).
For: Rs 60
Call: 24138685

Tiger Rakhi
This rakhi in neon colours consists of a miniature tiger made from wood, and handcrafted and painted by Rajasthani artisans. The tiger rests on a disc and a string made of silk threads.
Log on to:  wemakelove.in
For: Rs 350

Chocolate Rakhi
Express your love for your brother with these chocolate rakhis. This could be the perfect option this season, we think. Delectable chunks of designer chocolates, placed on the divine rakhi thread are sure to appeal to your brother. These chocolate rakhis are made from 52% cocoa.
At: Chokola, UG-52, Phoenix Market City, 15 LBS Marg, Kamani, Kurla (W).
For: Rs 150
Call: 61801242  

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