Tiger regaled us with his 'hiran dance': Sharmila Tagore

Mar 04, 2013, 07:59 IST | PTI

He was the undisputed 'Nawab' of Indian cricket but Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi could also play tabla, harmonium and flute and was equally sporting on the dance floor with his 'hiran dance' as good as any present-day item number, says his wife Sharmila Tagore

"When I think back on some of Tiger's attitudes, actions and reactions that were so uniquely his own, I realise how he was an excellent mix of multiple cultural influences," Tagore writes in the foreword of "Pataudi: Nawab of Cricket", an anthology of essays on the late cricketer, published by HarperCollins. 

Sharmila Tagore

Tagore also says that punctuality was another virtue which she had to learn very quickly after her marriage to him. "The only Bengali sentence he learnt to say was 'Tumi jodi poneroh minute-er modhe toiri na howe, tahole kintu ami chole jabo' (If you don't get ready in 15 minutes, I am leaving) and that's precisely what he did," she recalls.

Pataudi's father introduced him to the richness and beauty of Indian classical music and at his behest, he learnt to play the flute, the harmonium and the tabla. Tiger had also great dancing skills.

"Whenever the family got together, Tiger regaled us with his 'hiran dance', which could compete with any present-day item number, and his hilarious 'Hawa mein udta jaaye' caper.

Another oft-repeated favourite was the cricket dance. "Tiger was a great Lata (Mangeshkar), Talat (Mahmood) and (Mohammad) Rafi fan and it was he who introduced me to Begum Ahktar.

He was equally sporting on the dance floor if Harry Belafonte or Ella Fitzgerald were belting out their numbers," she writes.  

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