Time keeper of the ragas

Oct 07, 2012, 08:57 IST | Nivedita Dargalkar

Ravindra Natya Mandir is all set to host a day-long musical concert to enable music connoisseurs to experience an auditory delight of unique and rare ragas sung from sunrise to sunset

Here’s something perfect to start your Sunday with — a day-long concert of time-based ragas is organised by Pancham Nishad at Ravindra Natya Mandir today. The concert will comprise different ragas performed at appropriate times.

“We have organised this day-long concert to keep this time-bound system of ragas alive and make people aware of its importance,” says Shashi Vyas, director Pancham Nishad.

“In Indian classical music, different ragas were meant to be sung from sunrise to sunset and from sunset to sunrise as the cycle has a bearing on a person’s mood and nature,” explains Vyas.

The two star attractions of the concert are popular Bollywood flautist Paras Nath and renowned sitar player Niladri Kumar. Nath will kickstart the event by playing Raga Bhairav, meant to be performed at sunrise.

Flautist Paras Nath will commence the day-long concert with Raga Bhairav at sunrise

“Raga Bhairav evokes positive vibes in a person. One can also meditate to the tune of this raga. Hence, compositions such as bhagans, shloks and folk tunes were mainly composed on this raga,” says Nath, who has extensively worked with music directors Salim-Sulaiman, Amit Trivedi and Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

Renowned sitar player Niladri Kumar will conclude the concert with Raga Bhairavi meant to be sung in the night

Niladri Kumar will conclude the concert with Raga Bhairavi, which is supposed to be sung post 9 pm. Kumar, who has teamed up with music directors AR Rehman, Shankar Ehsaan and Loy, Pritam and Vishal Bharadwaj, says, “Raga Bhairavi is somber yet majestic and evokes a pleasant and relaxing feeling. It would be great to conclude the concert with the raga, leaving the audience enchanted before they leave the auditorium.”

The list of performers for the concert includes popular names such as vocalist Jayatheerth Mevundi and vocalist Manjiri Kelkar from the Jaipur Gharana, who will also perform in the morning session Bhuvanesh Komkali, grandson of the legendary singer Kumar Gandharv, will sing in the concluding session.

6.30 am to 9 am: Ragas Bhairav, Lalat Bhatiyar, Deskar, Bilawal
10 am to 1 pm: Ragas Todi, Jaunpuri, Deshi, Asawari, types of Raga Sarang
5 pm to 8 pm: Ragas Dhaani, Bhimpalas, Multani, Madhuvanti, Marwashri, Gauri, Purvi, Purva, Purya Dhanashri, Jait, Jaitashree, Kalyani That
9pm to 11 pm: Ragas Nand, Marubihag, Bihag, Chayanat, Kedar, Kamod, Bageshri, Durga, Jaijaiwanti, Kalavati, Darbari 

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