Time melts away, in style

May 04, 2012, 06:38 IST | Ruchika Kher

There was a time when things were valued only for their utility.

These days, however, the design element is as, if not more, important. This is true whether it comes to clothes, accessories, phones or home décor.

The Melting Clock is reminiscent of surrealist painter Salvadaor Dali’s, The Persistence of Memory

Owning something with a design edge is what most prefer today and designers and stores are going all out to cash in on the trend. I, too, belong to the brigade that is instantly attracted to out-of-the-box and quirky ways of presenting an ordinary thing. Recently, I came across an interesting-looking clock in an online store.

As the name suggests, this melting clock in silver and white, is a table clock that is made in a way that when placed on the table top it appears to be melting and falling down. It is eye-catching and is bound to get a thumbs up from many. As someone rightly said, nothing can stay away from style!

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