Time to party

Apr 13, 2012, 06:30 IST | Special Features

I love to entertain people at my home. I live on the ground floor and have a beautiful outdoor area that can be easily turned into a super nightspot for friends.

I put many candles around the plants outside, bring out tables and chairs, and of course put on some music! I love doing outdoor BBQ; it’s so easy and delicious too! You can throw everything on the grill and still enjoy being with your guests.

Mia Uyeda, actor

I like everyone to feel relaxed and have fun at my house. I also make watermelon martinis as this is a perfect summertime drink and also cooling and refreshing. All you need is watermelon and vodkas.

I also fill a huge bin with ice and fill it to the top with beers. These parties usually start in the afternoon on a lazy Sunday, and go on till late in the night.
It’s feeling pretty hot outside again, so I guess it’s time to have another party! 

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