Time for spa therapy

Apr 06, 2012, 07:36 IST | Special Features

My idea of relaxation is watching a nice movie. A long spa session is even better. Nothing soothes you like a lovely massage or pedicure. Apart from that, I am learning cooking.

I am crazy about Italian food, but I haven’t mastered the recipes as yet. I am also big time into fitness. I hit the gym quite often or unwind by taking long walks by the beach. 

Being with my family also helps me de-stress. As I live away from them, I miss them a lot.  So, family time is very important for me. It is always fun going out with them for dinners, or just chilling with them.At times, when I feel a little nostalgic, I just sit and look at old family photos and videos. 

Geeta Basra, actor

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