Time-strapped Mumbai cops to connect through video conferencing

May 13, 2017, 14:10 IST | Anurag Kamble

Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, Datta Padsalgikar, doesn't want the force to waste time travelling for meetings; says facility will also help in speedy crime detection

Illustration/Ravi Jadhav
Illustration/Ravi Jadhav

The Mumbai police will soon take another step towards being more tech savvy. Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, Datta Padsalgikar, is going to introduce video conferencing for speedy communication amidst the force. Currently the facility is in the test stage, and the CP wants to launch it soon to put an end to conducting meetings for small reasons.

In the past two years, Mumbai Police has seen a turnaround in digitisation and work timings. They communicate effectively through Twitter with citizens. Their working hours have been reduced to eight per day. Taking this forward, the video conferencing facility will be launched.

Saving time
"We have to call police officials right from Senior Inspectors of police stations to Deputy Commissioner, and Additional Commissioners to the headquarters if there is any important issue to discuss, or a major event is to take place. But it results in losing valuable time of more than 100 senior officials at a go," said CP Padsalgikar.

"This not only is unnecessary when we see it in terms of policing, but also unnecessary in terms of their time. If an officer from Andheri, Borivli or Mulund has to come to my office to attend a meeting, he or she easily loses 3-4 hours in travelling. To avoid this, we are using the technology," added Padsalgikar.

Mumbai Police has bought all the required equipment from their budget, and it will be set up by a technical team of the force. "We won't use the help of any other company or ask for tenders for it. The installation of the equipment will be done by our men exclusively," said a senior police official. "Almost all officials have a desktop at their desks. We are just putting up a camera and the required network to connect to other police stations and offices," the official added.

The network will be set up in such a way, that not only the CP but Additional Commissioners and Deputy Commissioner can connect to officers in 94 police stations, along with Crime Branch units and other specialised branches whenever needed.

Fast guidance
The facility will also be used to get speedy guidance in terms of crime detection. "Many times, we have to get update about an offence from officials. It is either taken on phone or an officer has to visit superiors with all the documents. This facility can also let superiors look into an ongoing investigation by getting updates through video, and give instructions," said the Commissioner. "The test run is being carried out, it might take some time, but we want to launch it as soon as possible," added the commissioner.

Control rooms
The Mumbai police also has mobile control rooms that are mostly used in times of major events. Set up with high-resolution cameras, these control rooms can also telecast live coverage to its top brass.

No. of stations CP can address through the VC

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