Time to hit Bass Camp

Sep 22, 2013, 10:41 IST | Moeena Halim

The upcoming edition of the quarterly Bass Camp Festival, hosted at the Blue Frog, will be headlined by Aussie DJ Mr Bill

Glitch is going to be the genre of the night at the 11th edition of the Bass Camp Festival. While the lineup includes UK’s Snarophobe and Ez Riser and Algorythm from Mumbai, the star attraction is Australia’s Bill Day aka Mr Bill.

All of Mr Bill’s compositions are available for free download

Talking to us about his glitchy sound, the musician claims he enjoys producing music that is heavily edited and sometimes even broken. “Imagine the sound of electronic devices doing things they’re not supposed to (glitching), that’s what I’m getting toward,” explains the artiste, who is visiting India for the first time.

Mr Bill, who has been a guitarist for about 15 years, switched to writing music on the computer six years ago. “I got sick of looking for other musicians and carting around tons of gear. However, I still wanted to write music, which I find truly rewarding in terms of achievement and personal brain growth.

UK’s Snarophobe will also perform at the Bass Camp festival

Electronic music became a hobby and a way to continue to practice music on my own outside of bands. The Internet helped me turn it into a career,” he reveals. The transition from writing ‘band’ music to writing ‘computer’ music, he claims, was an easy one. “And it’s definitely a plus to be able to compose every part of the track rather than having to rely on other musicians,” he adds.

Bass music, which inspired Krunk’s Sohail Arora aka Ez Riser to initiate this quarterly festival in 2010, was given a major boost with the onset of electronic music in the 1990s. According to Mr Bill, the genre -- now further categorised into dubstep, glitch hop, drumstep and more -- is here to stay. “The only reason it wasn’t as popular earlier is because of technology -- better sound-systems as well as easier (more user-friendly) methods of creating this type of music,” believes the Aussie, who dedicates hours of his time uploading tutorial videos on YouTube, which serve as helpful tools to beginners across the world.

“I originally started uploading tutorials because I watched a bunch of other people doing it, and I really liked the idea of sharing knowledge for free. That way everyone grows faster and the quality of music improves as a whole,” adds Mr Bill, who believes in making his music just as accessible -- all his compositions are available for free download.

Thrilled about being invited to perform in the country for Bass Camp, which is being organised in Pune, Delhi and Bangalore as well, the DJ is looking forward to being exposed to the Indian scene. “As a whole I love eastern music, it’s really fascinating how different and broken it sounds after being trained on western music for almost my whole life,” says Mr Bill. Signing off with a message for his fans, he promises to deliver some “pretty heavy, weird, dance-floor
orientated music.”

The Bass Camp Festival starts at 10.30 pm, Friday, September 27, at Blue Frog

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